Team Velenje new Slovenian Champion

 In the capital of Slovenian Alps Kranj grand finale of Slovenian City games was held.

Euphoric spirit could be felt among competitors and supporters that came from all parts of Slovenia. In the dramatic finish of tenth City games season organized by the Kranj Institute for sport and Adria Events agency six great teams competed: Maribor, Koper, Velenje, Ajdovščina, Skoplje and home team Kranj.

In almost three hours long event teams competed in six games: wine, flying waterpolo, tourist rescuing, water basketball and paddle.

In front of almost full stands teams showed a great wish to became champions but also to enjoy and have fun together with their supporters.

Ajdovšćina team was great prepared for first game and scored most points. In second game flying water polo team Maribor performed excellent and looked like they are on the way to a championship but team Velenje dominated in next three games. After fifth game team Koper, Maribor and Ajdovščina were equal which meant that paddle game will be a decisive one. In the end a title went to Velenje team in front of second-placed Koper and third-placed Maribor team.

Velenje team will represent Slovenia in international finals that will be held in 2020.

Team Budva Montenegro Champions

In tourist pearl Budva on open pools euphoria overwhelmed spectators on City Games Montenegro final.

Broadcasted live by National Montenegro television organizers Tourist organization Budva and Adria Events agency offered a true City games spirit.

Upgraded version of well-known Borderless games prepared surprises both for competitors and their supporters. Teams from  Herceg Novi, Bar, Kotor, Podgorica, Tivat and Budva competed in final in six games: wine, flying water polo, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, water basketball and paddle.

Teams came prepared and each of them wanted to win a prestigious title.

Team Tivat took an early lead after first game, but team Budva dominated in next three games and took a leading position which they preserved until the end of competition.

Team from Podgorica had a best result in water basketball and team Herceg Novi were second, after Budva team in most games preserving strength for final paddle game where they dominated and placed as second in overall standing. Bronze medals went to Tivat team being better than their opponents for bronze – Kotor team.

Vasilevski family from Russia described atmosphere and competition “We were never a part of a similar event. It made our holidays even better. It is our first time in Budva, but we are planning to come back. We will follow City Games on Facebook and plan to bring a team from our local club to compete. Thank you for beautiful evening.”


Ombla from Komolac won Croatian title and place in international finals

On big mole in Vir on dramatic finals of tenth season of City Games Competition were held. New Croatian champion is team Ombla from Komolac near Dubrovnik with 55 points won. After almost three hours long competition in interesting but also very hard disciplines Croatia has a new champion.

New champions from Komolac will represent Croatia on international finals that will be held in 2020 with other 16 teams from Europe.

“I can’t believe that we are the best. This is crazy, great spectacle from organization through atmosphere and finally the result. We are delighted. This marked us for whole life and great celebration await us when we arrive home.” Thrilled said Mihaela Pavlović, captain of the champions.

In organization of VIr Municipality, Tourist board VIr, Vir tourism and Adria Events agency on this fascinating sport-entertaining spectacle, updated version of Borderless games, second placed was team AŠD Orašac from Dubrovnik with 49 points won, and third placed Daj Mare from Krk won 38 points which wasn’t enough to defend last year’s title.

Medals to the best were presented by Rajko Radović, president of the Municipal Council and Antonio Vučetić, deputy mayor.

Igor Jelinić Toto a moderator of the event pointed out that games were held on 35 different locations and more than 150 teams participated in 2019. Year.

In finals, in front of loud supporters, great atmosphere, sirens and other fan props and more than 10 signal flares eight teams participated: Krk, Mali Lošinj, Dubrovnik, Komolac, Đakovo, Duga Resa, Dobropoljana from island Pašmana and home team Vir.

Agility and team work was already proven in challengers and quarter and semi-finals and this final is the clash of the best in which advantage will be in finesses, moments of concentration or just pure luck said Miroslav Krzyk, the author of the Games.

Path to a championships went through five dynamic and demanding games: wine, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, water basketball and paddle.

New scenography additionally refurbished and updated City Games for all generations to come.

Though it was an uncertainty in air,  Komolac managed to create advantage in first two games and won 28 points. In third and fourth game won 22 points and had 50 points before final paddle game. Their certain win could be overtaken by team Daj Mare that was 12 points behind.

With last atoms of strength they managed to win a paddle game in quarterfinals being better than home team Vir. That meant five points and ceirtain championship for Komolac team.

In final game best was team Srdele from Dobropoljane that won versus Orašac team, like in Hitchcock movies scene.

Team Kljuka won a place for Croatian Finals

On beautiful Mrežnica river sport entertainment spectacle City Games organized by Tourist Board Duga Resa and Adria Events agency was held.


Updated version of well know Borderless games once again justified expectations with new scenography and numerous surprises for supporters and competitors.

In front of numerous crowd four exceptional teams demonstrated skills and strength: Kljuka, Mrežnica, Rijeka and Duga Resa.

Teams competed in modern versions of fun and traditional City Games disciplines: wine, barrel race, water basketball, jumping in sacks, donkey race, archers and alca in karijola.

In exceptionally fun and dynamic game wine in which male competitors have to put a lot of effort and skills to bring grapes to their female colleagues that have to squeeze as much liquid out of it, team Mrežnica dominated and scored most points.

In barrel race, girls from Rijeka performed best. After third game, water basketball in which competitors have to show their swimming and basketball skills tem Mrežnica, Rijeka and Kljuka had equal points and Games became even more competitive. Numerous supporters loudly cheered for their teams.

Fourth game was on land and team Mrežnica proved their skills both in water and on land.

Fifth game – donkey race was most fun both for spectators and competitors and team Duga Resa managed to score most points.

Best archers were Mrežnica team but they failed to perform well in alca in karijola game and finally they had same score as team Kljuka. Team Kljuka, by winning most points in final games won a golden medal.

Medals to best were given by representative of the City of Duga Resa and Tourist Board Duga Resa.

City games spectacle in Ajdovščina

In front of almost 2000 excited and loud spectators City Games, a world-known spectacle, was held in Ajdovščina.

Updated version of well know Borderless games once again justified expectations with new scenography and numerous surprises for supporters and competitors.

Two hours of continuous ovations showed excitement of supportrs and stands were too small for crowd that constantly cheered and forced competitors to give their best.

Organizers: Institute for Sport Ajdovščina and Adria Events agency put a lot of effort to present City Games to green Ajdovščina, a city filled with beautiful landscapes.

Five teams competed in front of excited supporters: Telebajski from Krško, Borci from Ljubljana, Sardele from Kopar, Beluge from Piran and cheerful home team Ajdovščina that had a famous TV star Franko Bajc in their team.

Teams competed in modern version of fun and traditional games: wine, flying water polo, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, water basketball and paddle.

Home team had a surprisingly great start and great tactics. After first four games they were first on scoreboard, but in fifth game – water basketball they performed worse and team Beluga from Piran took first place and confirmed their domination in final game paddle.

Ajdovščina won silver medal with golden shine and won a place in Finals that will be held on august 30th in Kranj together with team from Piran


Bronze team Telebajski from Krško performed great in first game wine. Team Sardele from Kopar finished at fourth place and team Borci from Ljubljana, responsible for great atmosphere during games,  finished fifth.


Playful and cheerful night in Ajdovščina will be talked about for days among competitors and spectators that loudly cheered whole night.

Medals to best were presented by Institute for Sport Ajdovščina CEO mr. Uroš Pintar.

Standing ovations for Team Đakovo that qualified for Croatian finals

Powerful emotions from competitors and crowd in Đakovo brought their home team to Croatian Finals that will be held on August 20th on island Vir. Numerous visitors had a lot of fun on beautiful location-  Đakovo city pools cheering for their favourites on evening filled with positive spirit, great music and friendship in sport entertaining event that managed to connect tradition, fun and skills of competitors.

Four teams competed and presented their skills and strength: Team Promili from Vinkovci, Ekipa za zabavu that was formed by competitors from three countries, Lege s kopike from Osijek and TKTKTKTK from Đakovo.

Teams competed in seven fun games: Wine, Flying water polo, Barrel race, Prosciutto, Tourist rescuing, Water basketball and Paddle.

In first three games Osijek team was leading, but after that team from Đakovo took a lead by scoring most points in Tourist rescuing game. Decisive was game Paddle that brought victory to Đakovo team and place in finals.

Team Đakovo had a rarely seen loud support from their fans that cheered for their team and motivated other spectators for standing ovations.

Team from Vinkovci and mixed team Ekipa za zabavu contributed to great atmosphere on sport entertaining event organized by the City of Đakovo and Adria Events agency.

The statement from Mrs Alisa Moreau from France that is staying in Đakovo with family is maybe the best description of the evening: “I have spent three beautiful days in Đakovo. We are thrilled with this competition; we have never seen something so entertaining. I would like to thank the organizers and congratulate both competitors and spectators for great energy they had shown. I am also thrilled with Đakovo Cathedral and State stud farm Đakovo. I will recommend all my friends in France to come and visit Đakovo.”

Medals to the best were presented by deputy mayor of Đakovo Mr Robert Francem.

City games conquered Pašman island

Sport entertaining event, new edition of internationally known Games without boundaries returned to island Pašman after three years with brand new scenography and other numerous surprises.
There was a lot of excitement, both for numerous crowd and both for organizers, Pašman Municipality and Adria Events agency. Organizers put great effort to present to visitors of island Pašman spirit of City Games. In front of more than 1000 spectators, which with their cheering gave additional stimulus to competitors to give their best, six teams, five from Croatia and one, very fun and entertaining from Russia, competed for the gold medal.
Teams competed in modern versions of traditional City Games like wine, flying water polo, prosciutto, water basketball and paddle.
Golden medal went to team Srdele from Dobropoljana that had great start, but in third game prosciutto they slowed down and equalized with other home team Nutilus. But they immediately made their return winning most points in last two games and won competition with 43 points.
Silver medal was won by team Nutilus from Dobropoljana with 31 points and they have shown great swimming and pedalling skils.
Bronze team Garmenjak from Barotula won 28 points by performing great in game paddle and secured great result for the end of the competition.
Team Kalingrad from Russia contributed to great atmosphere and attractiveness of City Games and finished with 26 points won.

Playful and cheerful night in Dobropoljana on Pašman island will be talked about among those who participated City Games and among those who cheered for their fans. We truly hope that we will have a chance to enjoy next year’s edition of Pašman City Games.

Great atmosphere by the sea in Okrug

Numerous visitors had a lot of fun on seafront in Okrug cheering their favourites on City Games competition in beautiful evening filled with excellent performance of competitors, music and friendship in sport-entertainment event that completely managed to connect tradition, fan and competitors’ skills.

Venue was additionally beautified with new scenography and teams excited crowd and passers-by attracted by music and spotlight with their performance

Five  teams competed: Plina istočna from Ploče, Dubrava with competitors from Zagreb and Šibenik, Amatersko športsko društvo from  Dubrovnik, Đido mova from  Posedarje and Ombla from Komolac.

Teams competed in six games: wine, flying water polo, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, water basketball and paddle.

Gold medal went to Dubrovnik team that managed to have great scores in all games, and silver to Komolac team that dominated in games flying water polo and paddle. Bronze medal went to Ploče team that won most points in games wine and tourist rescuing and was great in game paddle that helped them to win third place.

It is important to mention mixed team from Šibenik and Zagreb that showed skills and speed in games prosciutto and water basketball.

City Games in Okrug were organized by Okrug Municipality, Tourist board Okrug and Adria events agency.

Ethan Gray from Great Britain was enjoying event and congratulated organizers for beautiful evening he and his family spent in Okrug where they, more than ever before, felt tradition culture and spirit of Dalmatian people they are visiting for the past three years.

Medals to the teams were presented by Mr. Domagoy Miše CEO of Okrug tourist board and Mrs. Bruna Dadić Deputy mayor of Okrug Municipality.

Crowded Posedarje seafront

Fifth year in a row with new scenography City Games visited Posedarje in organization of Posedarje Municipality and Adria events agency.

New looks and many surprises both for teams and spectators guaranteed great atmosphere followed by loud cheering from supporters.


Teams competed and checked their strength and agility in modern version of traditional City games like flying water polo, water basketball, prosciutto, archers, race in bags donkey race and alca in karijola.

This high competitive event was followed by more than 1000 supporters that cheered for: Gas-gas team from Posedarje, Cesarica from Karlobag, Điđo Mova from Posedarje and Dubrava from Zagreb.



In games water basketball and archers best was team Dubrava and team Điđa Mova was leading in first six games by collecting most points in game Prosciuto and stabile points in other games. In the last game, Alca in karijola, that was awarded with most points, team Cesarica convincingly won and won gold medal by only one point margin in front of second placed team Điđa Mova.

Cesarica was dominating in games of flying water polo, race in bags and donkey race and won a place in semi-finals.


Due to great hospitability and effort shown from home team Organizers gave a wild card invitation to team Điđo mova to semi-finals that will be held in Okrug.

City Games continues its tour through Dalmatia until august 20th when finals in Vir will be held.

Team Subotica Serbian champions

On City pools Čačak it was a lot of euphoria. Six teams from all parts of Serbia collided in great national finals of City Games.

Kikiknda, Sombor, Subotica, Zaječar, Knjaževac and Čačak competed in six interesting games: Wine, flying water-polo, Tourist rescuing, Prosciutto, Water basketball and Paddle.

Each team came with great expectations; to present their city in best way and to win a competition. Competition was hard and uncertain until the end. The loudest were supporters of Čačak team that needed most support concerning that they competed for the first time with this members and fact that their opponents were former national and European champions from different sports.


“Competition was very strong this year. We could not fight against so much professional athletes. But it was great to meet all friends from other teams as well as make new friendships. We will train hard and prepare better for next year.” Said captain of Čačak team.


Sombor, Subotica and Kikinda team changed on scoreboard as first during the competition, but at last, final game paddle decided that new Serbian champions will become Subotica team.

“We are truly delighted. We trained hard to bring gold medals and trophy to Subotica. We gave our best, wanted to win and were successful in the end.” Said captain of Subotica team.

Kikinda placed as second with only three points less than Subotica and Sombor team placed third.

Zaječar, Knjaževac and Čačak were behind them on scoreboard.

The city of Čačak was once more a great host. Organizer kidness, persistency of home team and great atmosphere and cheering will be talked about for a long time on City games caravan.

Champions will have their chance to present Serbia on great International Finals in 2020.