Team Subotica Serbian champions

On City pools Čačak it was a lot of euphoria. Six teams from all parts of Serbia collided in great national finals of City Games.

Kikiknda, Sombor, Subotica, Zaječar, Knjaževac and Čačak competed in six interesting games: Wine, flying water-polo, Tourist rescuing, Prosciutto, Water basketball and Paddle.

Each team came with great expectations; to present their city in best way and to win a competition. Competition was hard and uncertain until the end. The loudest were supporters of Čačak team that needed most support concerning that they competed for the first time with this members and fact that their opponents were former national and European champions from different sports.


“Competition was very strong this year. We could not fight against so much professional athletes. But it was great to meet all friends from other teams as well as make new friendships. We will train hard and prepare better for next year.” Said captain of Čačak team.


Sombor, Subotica and Kikinda team changed on scoreboard as first during the competition, but at last, final game paddle decided that new Serbian champions will become Subotica team.

“We are truly delighted. We trained hard to bring gold medals and trophy to Subotica. We gave our best, wanted to win and were successful in the end.” Said captain of Subotica team.

Kikinda placed as second with only three points less than Subotica and Sombor team placed third.

Zaječar, Knjaževac and Čačak were behind them on scoreboard.

The city of Čačak was once more a great host. Organizer kidness, persistency of home team and great atmosphere and cheering will be talked about for a long time on City games caravan.

Champions will have their chance to present Serbia on great International Finals in 2020.