City Games™ are a sport and entertainment event organized during summer months with the goal of broadening the tourist offer and promoting companionship between cities and countries.

City Games™ are organized as a series of competitions beetween teams that are representatives of their cities. Due to its diversity, the project is intended to suit all generations.

After nine seasons, 303 events and more than a million kilometres, this year’s City Games will be upgraded with a brand new scenography and numerous surprises for the competitors and the spectators as well.

The records in 2019 of 150 registered teams and 34 different locations show the popularity of the Games. The City games tour will be viewed by more than 50.000 spectators on the sport venues. The teams will compete in modern versions of traditional City Games such as: flying water polo, water tilting at the ring (alka), water basketball, rescuing of a female tourist, donkey racing, wine barrel racing and a regatta. A lot of adrenaline, team work and unforgettable moments are awaiting us in this new season.


  • Encouraging cooperation between countries through friendships between teams.
  • Promotion of tourist, cultural and economic activities between cities from EU member states as well as countries in the region.
  • Promotion of autochthonous souvenirs and products.
  • Educating young people about cultural heritage and tradition of their region through interesting games and activities.


Various games and disciplines are the foundation of this project. They are designed with purpose to entertain, educate and inspire as well as to promote common values and respect different traditions. They are also designed to be modern and attractive for competitors and event audience.


At the very beginning City Games™ mainly used seaside promenades (rivas) as sporting arenas. However, as the project grew, so did the challenges as to where all these games can take place.

So in addition to rivas, the games are also being organized in indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as on lakes.

Almost every town has a special place suitable for our caravan to disembark and prepare a City Games™ arena. Season after season we are discovering new sites and places for the games. We can proudly say that we are very adoptable and have tons of expirience in locations scouting.

During the past several years City Games™ were organized 278 times in more than 100 different locations!


9 years of continuous play
72 days on tour
35 events
50 000 visitors
1 500 competitors


Without our wonderful hosts our project couldn’t grow for nine seasons in a row. Therefore the cooperation with them is always based on a partnership relation.

During the past 20 years, since our agency beginings, it is almost impossible to find a place in the Alpe Adria & Balkan region that we weren’t in contact with. We can proudly say that we have more than 100 cities as our satisfied clients with whom we cooperate on a regular basis.

The 2019. season has brought us a dozen of new host cities. The successful cooperation is confirmed with many facts – more and more competitive teams, numerous visitors and letters of recommendation from our satisfied partners.