Great atmosphere by the sea in Okrug

Numerous visitors had a lot of fun on seafront in Okrug cheering their favourites on City Games competition in beautiful evening filled with excellent performance of competitors, music and friendship in sport-entertainment event that completely managed to connect tradition, fan and competitors’ skills.

Venue was additionally beautified with new scenography and teams excited crowd and passers-by attracted by music and spotlight with their performance

Five  teams competed: Plina istočna from Ploče, Dubrava with competitors from Zagreb and Šibenik, Amatersko športsko društvo from  Dubrovnik, Đido mova from  Posedarje and Ombla from Komolac.

Teams competed in six games: wine, flying water polo, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, water basketball and paddle.

Gold medal went to Dubrovnik team that managed to have great scores in all games, and silver to Komolac team that dominated in games flying water polo and paddle. Bronze medal went to Ploče team that won most points in games wine and tourist rescuing and was great in game paddle that helped them to win third place.

It is important to mention mixed team from Šibenik and Zagreb that showed skills and speed in games prosciutto and water basketball.

City Games in Okrug were organized by Okrug Municipality, Tourist board Okrug and Adria events agency.

Ethan Gray from Great Britain was enjoying event and congratulated organizers for beautiful evening he and his family spent in Okrug where they, more than ever before, felt tradition culture and spirit of Dalmatian people they are visiting for the past three years.

Medals to the teams were presented by Mr. Domagoy Miše CEO of Okrug tourist board and Mrs. Bruna Dadić Deputy mayor of Okrug Municipality.