Team Kljuka won a place for Croatian Finals

On beautiful Mrežnica river sport entertainment spectacle City Games organized by Tourist Board Duga Resa and Adria Events agency was held.   Updated version of well know Borderless games once again justified expectations with new scenography and numerous surprises for supporters and competitors. In front of numerous crowd four exceptional teams demonstrated skills and strength: […]

City games spectacle in Ajdovšćina

In front of almost 2000 excited and loud spectators City Games, a world-known spectacle, was held in Ajdovšćina. Updated version of well know Borderless games once again justified expectations with new scenography and numerous surprises for supporters and competitors. Two hours of continuous ovations showed excitement of supportrs and stands were too small for crowd […]

Standing ovations for Team Đakovo that qualified for Croatian finals

Powerful emotions from competitors and crowd in Đakovo brought their home team to Croatian Finals that will be held on August 20th on island Vir. Numerous visitors had a lot of fun on beautiful location-  Đakovo city pools cheering for their favourites on evening filled with positive spirit, great music and friendship in sport entertaining […]

City games conquered Pašman island

Sport entertaining event, new edition of internationally known Games without boundaries returned to island Pašman after three years with brand new scenography and other numerous surprises. There was a lot of excitement, both for numerous crowd and both for organizers, Pašman Municipality and Adria Events agency. Organizers put great effort to present to visitors of […]

Great atmosphere by the sea in Okrug

Numerous visitors had a lot of fun on seafront in Okrug cheering their favourites on City Games competition in beautiful evening filled with excellent performance of competitors, music and friendship in sport-entertainment event that completely managed to connect tradition, fan and competitors’ skills. Venue was additionally beautified with new scenography and teams excited crowd and […]

Crowded Posedarje seafront

Fifth year in a row with new scenography City Games visited Posedarje in organization of Posedarje Municipality and Adria events agency. New looks and many surprises both for teams and spectators guaranteed great atmosphere followed by loud cheering from supporters.   Teams competed and checked their strength and agility in modern version of traditional City […]

Team Subotica Serbian champions

On City pools Čačak it was a lot of euphoria. Six teams from all parts of Serbia collided in great national finals of City Games. Kikiknda, Sombor, Subotica, Zaječar, Knjaževac and Čačak competed in six interesting games: Wine, flying water-polo, Tourist rescuing, Prosciutto, Water basketball and Paddle. Each team came with great expectations; to present […]

Sombor semi-finals: Subotica and Kikinda qualified for Finals

After challengers in Subotica, Inđija and Vrbas, second Serbian semi-finals were held on Sport centre Soko pools in Sombor. Teams came from Subotica, Osečina, Ruma, Kikinda and the City of Sombor was represented by two teams. Motivation for winning was outstanding but there was place in semi-finals for two teams only. Competition was very hard […]

City Games Vrbas: Osečina in semi-finals

  Organized by Municipality of Vrbas and sport clubs on CFK Drago Jovović in Vrbas, last challenger of City games were held. Teams from Sombor, Ruma, Osečina, Čačak and two teams from Vrbas gave their best but also shown team spirit in attempt to bring their teams to finals.   In six games: Wine, Water […]

Inđija: Sombor qualified for semi-finals

  On city pools in Inđija second Vojvodina challenger of City Games was held. Six teams playing six games have shown their skills and team spirit. Cities Sombor, Kikinda, Osečina, Šabac, Ruma and Inđija gave all they could to take their cities to semi-finals. Competition was fierce but even. In first game wine, Kikinda won […]