Sombor semi-finals: Subotica and Kikinda qualified for Finals

After challengers in Subotica, Inđija and Vrbas, second Serbian semi-finals were held on Sport centre Soko pools in Sombor. Teams came from Subotica, Osečina, Ruma, Kikinda and the City of Sombor was represented by two teams. Motivation for winning was outstanding but there was place in semi-finals for two teams only. Competition was very hard and order on scoreboard was changing rapidly from game to game and the winner was uncertain until the end. The weakest team was the youngest one ever to participate the City Games – team Osečina. They were unlucky in most of games but they have shown team spirit and wish to make friendship and enjoy the games. Although they were not most successful they had great support from audience that cheered them all the way.

Sombor, Kikinda and Subotica were changing leading position but the last game Paddle, the one that is awarded with most points decided that a place in finals went to team Subotica and Kikinda. Sombor was firs with 49 points won.

“We did our best and are delighted that we won in front of our supporters. We will try to win gold in Čačak. We have a great team and I think we will win a championship.” – said the captain of Subotica team.

Kikinda placed second and won silver medal with 44 points won.

“It was all in details. All teams are in great shape and well prepared this year and it will be a tough fight in finals. We will give our best to win national championship and hope that we will succeed.” – said captain of Kikinda team.

Boys and girls from Subotica, in spite of effort they have shown, missed their chance to qualify in games of Paddleand finished in third place with 40 points won. Ruma was fourth with 33 points, Sombor 2 fifth 29 and the last was Osečina team with 3 points.

City Games has one more stop in Serbia, on city pools in Čačak on July 30th the great national finals will be held. The winner of the finals will represent Serbia on International Finals in 2020.


City Games Vrbas: Osečina in semi-finals


Organized by Municipality of Vrbas and sport clubs on CFK Drago Jovović in Vrbas, last challenger of City games were held. Teams from Sombor, Ruma, Osečina, Čačak and two teams from Vrbas gave their best but also shown team spirit in attempt to bring their teams to finals.


In six games: Wine, Water alca, Barrel race, water basketball and paddle teams competed trying to win as much points as they could for their teams.

Team Sombor won most points in 4 games and was a leader:

“We can’t wait semi-finals in our city in front of our supporters. We will give our best” said the captain of Sombor team.

Home team Vrbas was great in barrel race in which they won 8 points:

“That was our game, girls performed great. We are proud of them. We are sorry that we didn’t do better but we will prepare for the next year.” out the captain of home team pointed out.

Second place went to Osečina team that qualified for semi-finals because team Sombor did that in last challenger in Inđija.

“We are very happy. We came wanting to win any medal. Now we have both the medal and place in semi-finals.” said captain of Osečina team.

Team Ruma scored most points in game Wine and Paddle finally placed third:

“I don’t know what happened in the third game when we scored 0 points. But we have shown agility in Paddle game and that brought us back. It was a great experience to participate and we are bringing great memories from Vrbas.” Captain of Ruma team said.

Team Čačak was fourth, fifth and sixth place went to two home teams. Games were held on two pools and the atmosphere was great. City games team will cherish their Vrbas memories and continues its tour in Sombor where Vojvodina semi-finals will be held.


Inđija: Sombor qualified for semi-finals


On city pools in Inđija second Vojvodina challenger of City Games was held. Six teams playing six games have shown their skills and team spirit. Cities Sombor, Kikinda, Osečina, Šabac, Ruma and Inđija gave all they could to take their cities to semi-finals.
Competition was fierce but even. In first game wine, Kikinda won most points and took leading position, but after second game team Sombor took their place and stayed there almost until the end.
When everybody thought that golden medal will go to Sombor the game paddle has shown once more as a decisive one. Team Sombor eased up in game paddle and after final game golden medals went to Kikinda team. Sombor qualified in semi-finals because Kikinda team qualified earlier in Subotica challenger. Third place went to Ruma team, fourth to Osečina, fifth to Inđija and sixth to Šabac.

Home team had loud support from their fans and promised to train harder for next year.
“Supporters were unbelievable. We are sorry that we didn’t have better result but other teams were rally strong. Next year is our year.” Said captain of Inđija team
“We are so proud and happy. We will start our trainings for semi-finals tomorrow. We will compete in front of our fans that will give as even more motivation to perform better.” – captain of Sombor team said.
Kikinda was golden second time and their captain believes they will do the same in semi-finals: “I am very proud. We were vice champions last year but this year we came to win.”
It was an evening full of fun and team spirit that Inđija will remember for a long time.
City games continues to next stop Vrbas, where last challenger for Sombor semi-finals will be held. Serbian finals will be held in Čačak 30th where the champion that will represent Setbia on 2020. international final in Slovenia will be known.

City Games in Slavonia – Osijek premiere



Stands on SC Copacabana were completely filled with spectators that watched premiere edition in Osijek. Organizers: The City of Osijek, Osi-jek Tourist Board and Adria Events Agency together put a lot effort to present City Games spirit to spectators and to force teams to give their best.
Motivated by fans and wish to win a gold medal teams showed their tal-ents and hours they spent training for the competition
Members of participating teams were successful athletes: rowers, swim-mers, triathletes etc. They all competed in modern version of traditional sport games in which more than strength, skills and stamina was needed, team spirit and resourcefulness to handle new situation were needed.
Six teams from Mali Lošinj, Krk, Valpovo, Sisak, Đakovo and Osijek competed in six games: Wine, flying water-polo, Barrel race, Tourist res-cuing, Water basketball and Paddle.
Home team was putting a great fight against experienced teams from Mali Lošinj, current and multiple champions from Krk. In very tight com-petition, teams have to put their best to win a place in finals that will be held in Vir on August 20th.
Game of Paddle was again a decisive one, water version of rope pulling where teams rowing try to pull other team.
Team Osijek, second placed before paddle game, missed its chance in semi-finals an then in third place battle winning only six points, while teams from Mali Lošinj and Krk won 12 and 15 points.

Despite loud support from stands place in finals was won only by team from Krk. After medal ceremony bronze winners team from Osijek and their supporters celebrated after pleasant surprise from organizers – a wild card invitation to finals in Vir.
Beautiful night in Copacabana will be talked about for days from people that competed or supported their teams and Osijek has once more shown to be a city of sport and sport lovers and that we will have an op-portunity to enjoy more editions of Osijek City Games.

Unforgettable evening in Subotica

Dudova šuma pools in Subotica hosted first City Games challenger in Vojvodina. 1500 supporters came to see home team that was absolute favourite until  the end of competition. Full stands of cheerful supporters, great weather and team spirit created an unforgettable atmosphere. Six teams: Subotica, Sombor, Sombor electro,  Selenča, Kikinda and Bečej competed in six adrenaline filled games.

Team Subotica was in lead until the end fallowed by girls and boys from Kikinda, last year vice champions of City Games. The final game was a decisive one, Subotica couldn’t cope with paddle game and Kikinda won a gold medal and Subotica Silver one with only one pint less.

Disappointment of supporters lasted very brief as organizer surprised them and Subotica team. As great host that organized an event to remember, and team that gave more than 100 percent, representatives of Subotica was given a wild card invitation for Sombor semi-finals that will be held on July 29th.

I am very happy that our team was given a chance to compete in semi-finals. They earned it, they were more dominant in almost all games. I will come with my family and cheer them in Sombor.” Said Marko from the crowd.

“We have decided to become a champions of City Games this year. We will see if we can succeed.  It was a very tough competition today. Subotica is a strong opponent and it will not be easy in semi-finals.” Said Kikinda team captain.

“We are very sorry that we missed a victory by a little. We were only one point away from gold medal, but what can you do. We will do even better in semi-finals. These golden supporters deserve it.” Said captain of Subotica team.

Team Solenča place third, and Sombor, Sombor electro and Bečej behind them.

City Games continues with challenger in Inđija on July 23rd.

Loznica – Zaječar and Knjaževac in finals

After challengers in Sokobanja, Knjaževac and Zaječar, semi-finals of City Games were held in Loznica. Six teams were competing for prestigious place in finals: Niš, Zaječar, Osečina, Knjaževac, Užice and Loznica. They competed in six interesting games: Wine, Flying water polo, Barrel race, Tourist rescuing, Water basketball and Paddle. All teams gave their best but most skills were shown from Zaječar that immediately placed as first and retained that position until the end. A real battle was fought for second place that was finally won by Knjaževac team and that meant   that Zaječar and Knjaževac won their place in finals that will be held in Čačak on July 30th.

Team from Loznica placed fifth: “The most important for us is to be a part of this City Games. We are grateful to our city for organizing games in Loznica and we promise that we will train harder for next year edition.”

“We are delighted and will do everything we can to be victorious in finals” – said the captain oif Zaječar team. 

Captain of Knjaževac team was also very happy with silver medal and place in finals: “We are looking forward for the finals and are very glad that our friends from Zaječar qualified as well. We are neighbours and will certainly train together.

City Games Caravan moves to Vojvodina where on July 19th first challenger will be held.

Crazy night on Zaječar pools: Home team won gold in City Games

Zaječar City pool was a centre of the world, great weather, completely filled stands and a lot of positive energy additionally helped competitors to give their best. Prokuplje, Niš, Knjaževac, Sokobanja, Kragujevac and Zaječar competed in six games: Wine, Flying water polo, Tourist rescuing, Prosciutto, Water basketball and Paddle.

Home team was most successful in three games and won the throne of City Games in its city. Zaječar was leading after second game and left no room to other teams to take that place. However, a tough battle was fought until the end so Zaječar scored 50 points leaving team Kragujevac, current Serbian champion, 12 points behind. Third place went to team from Niš with 31 points won. Fourth place went to Knjaževac with 29 points, Sokobanja with 27 and Prokuplje with 25 points.

There were eft no room on stands and around pool for more supporters. And ones that got lucky and found their place supported loudly with one thing on mind – that Zaječar team win a gold medal.

“It was unbelievable to perform in front so many people that supported us with all their hearts. We gave our best to make them proud and managed to keep leading position” said the captain of Zaječar team.

As Kragujevac, as last year winner of the City Games, will participate this year finals in Slovenia in 2020, and Zaječar has, by winning in Knjaževac, qualified for semi-finals in Loznica, Tim Nais from Niš gained right to also participate semi-finals.

We are unbelievably happy. This bronze medal has a golden shine. It is our first year to participate City Games and we are looking forward to semi-finals” – said captain of team Nais.

 From Zaječar, City Games are moving to Loznica where on July 16th semifanals will be held. Best teams from semi-finals will participate the great finals that will be held in čačatk on July 30th.


Zaječar won a place in semi-finals after Challenger in Knjaževac

Sharp fight was lead on Banjica pol in Knjaževac in second 2019 City Games Challengers. Six games and six teams, and place for only one in semi-finals that will be held in Loznica on July 16th.

Prokuplje, Niš, Sokobanja, Knjaževac, Boljevac i Zaječar fought until final whistle in very uncertain competition.
Home team dominated in most games and early secured first place. But real fight was for the second place due to the fact that Knjaževac team won their place in semi-finals in Sokobanja Challenger.
Sokobanja, Prokuplje and Zaječar tried to win that golden second place from game to game until a decisive Paddle after which it was obvious that Zaječar will participate semi-final with 43 points won. Sokobanja team has lost that battle for only 5 points and won bronze medal.

Prokuplje team placed fourth with only one point less than Sokobanja team, and Niš fifth with 25 points. Boljevac team had less luck and placed sixth with only five points lost.

Loudest and most cheerful were supporters of home team that won big 52 points and brought one more golden medal from City Games to their city.

“It is best when you compete in front of your fans, they gave us additional strength and that is the main reason why we finished so much a head of other teams. We hope and believe we will perform well in semi-finals and finals and win a chance to represent Knjaževac and Serbia in international finals that will be held in 2020 in Slovenia” – said captain of Knjaževac team.

City Games continues its journey and its next stop is Zaječar where the Challenger will be held on Thursday July 11th.