Ombla from Komolac won Croatian title and place in international finals

On big mole in Vir on dramatic finals of tenth season of City Games Competition were held. New Croatian champion is team Ombla from Komolac near Dubrovnik with 55 points won. After almost three hours long competition in interesting but also very hard disciplines Croatia has a new champion.

New champions from Komolac will represent Croatia on international finals that will be held in 2020 with other 16 teams from Europe.

“I can’t believe that we are the best. This is crazy, great spectacle from organization through atmosphere and finally the result. We are delighted. This marked us for whole life and great celebration await us when we arrive home.” Thrilled said Mihaela Pavlović, captain of the champions.

In organization of VIr Municipality, Tourist board VIr, Vir tourism and Adria Events agency on this fascinating sport-entertaining spectacle, updated version of Borderless games, second placed was team AŠD Orašac from Dubrovnik with 49 points won, and third placed Daj Mare from Krk won 38 points which wasn’t enough to defend last year’s title.

Medals to the best were presented by Rajko Radović, president of the Municipal Council and Antonio Vučetić, deputy mayor.

Igor Jelinić Toto a moderator of the event pointed out that games were held on 35 different locations and more than 150 teams participated in 2019. Year.

In finals, in front of loud supporters, great atmosphere, sirens and other fan props and more than 10 signal flares eight teams participated: Krk, Mali Lošinj, Dubrovnik, Komolac, Đakovo, Duga Resa, Dobropoljana from island Pašmana and home team Vir.

Agility and team work was already proven in challengers and quarter and semi-finals and this final is the clash of the best in which advantage will be in finesses, moments of concentration or just pure luck said Miroslav Krzyk, the author of the Games.

Path to a championships went through five dynamic and demanding games: wine, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, water basketball and paddle.

New scenography additionally refurbished and updated City Games for all generations to come.

Though it was an uncertainty in air,  Komolac managed to create advantage in first two games and won 28 points. In third and fourth game won 22 points and had 50 points before final paddle game. Their certain win could be overtaken by team Daj Mare that was 12 points behind.

With last atoms of strength they managed to win a paddle game in quarterfinals being better than home team Vir. That meant five points and ceirtain championship for Komolac team.

In final game best was team Srdele from Dobropoljane that won versus Orašac team, like in Hitchcock movies scene.