Crowded Posedarje seafront

Fifth year in a row with new scenography City Games visited Posedarje in organization of Posedarje Municipality and Adria events agency.

New looks and many surprises both for teams and spectators guaranteed great atmosphere followed by loud cheering from supporters.


Teams competed and checked their strength and agility in modern version of traditional City games like flying water polo, water basketball, prosciutto, archers, race in bags donkey race and alca in karijola.

This high competitive event was followed by more than 1000 supporters that cheered for: Gas-gas team from Posedarje, Cesarica from Karlobag, Điđo Mova from Posedarje and Dubrava from Zagreb.



In games water basketball and archers best was team Dubrava and team Điđa Mova was leading in first six games by collecting most points in game Prosciuto and stabile points in other games. In the last game, Alca in karijola, that was awarded with most points, team Cesarica convincingly won and won gold medal by only one point margin in front of second placed team Điđa Mova.

Cesarica was dominating in games of flying water polo, race in bags and donkey race and won a place in semi-finals.


Due to great hospitability and effort shown from home team Organizers gave a wild card invitation to team Điđo mova to semi-finals that will be held in Okrug.

City Games continues its tour through Dalmatia until august 20th when finals in Vir will be held.