Team Kljuka won a place for Croatian Finals

On beautiful Mrežnica river sport entertainment spectacle City Games organized by Tourist Board Duga Resa and Adria Events agency was held.


Updated version of well know Borderless games once again justified expectations with new scenography and numerous surprises for supporters and competitors.

In front of numerous crowd four exceptional teams demonstrated skills and strength: Kljuka, Mrežnica, Rijeka and Duga Resa.

Teams competed in modern versions of fun and traditional City Games disciplines: wine, barrel race, water basketball, jumping in sacks, donkey race, archers and alca in karijola.

In exceptionally fun and dynamic game wine in which male competitors have to put a lot of effort and skills to bring grapes to their female colleagues that have to squeeze as much liquid out of it, team Mrežnica dominated and scored most points.

In barrel race, girls from Rijeka performed best. After third game, water basketball in which competitors have to show their swimming and basketball skills tem Mrežnica, Rijeka and Kljuka had equal points and Games became even more competitive. Numerous supporters loudly cheered for their teams.

Fourth game was on land and team Mrežnica proved their skills both in water and on land.

Fifth game – donkey race was most fun both for spectators and competitors and team Duga Resa managed to score most points.

Best archers were Mrežnica team but they failed to perform well in alca in karijola game and finally they had same score as team Kljuka. Team Kljuka, by winning most points in final games won a golden medal.

Medals to best were given by representative of the City of Duga Resa and Tourist Board Duga Resa.