Sombor semi-finals: Subotica and Kikinda qualified for Finals

After challengers in Subotica, Inđija and Vrbas, second Serbian semi-finals were held on Sport centre Soko pools in Sombor. Teams came from Subotica, Osečina, Ruma, Kikinda and the City of Sombor was represented by two teams. Motivation for winning was outstanding but there was place in semi-finals for two teams only. Competition was very hard and order on scoreboard was changing rapidly from game to game and the winner was uncertain until the end. The weakest team was the youngest one ever to participate the City Games – team Osečina. They were unlucky in most of games but they have shown team spirit and wish to make friendship and enjoy the games. Although they were not most successful they had great support from audience that cheered them all the way.

Sombor, Kikinda and Subotica were changing leading position but the last game Paddle, the one that is awarded with most points decided that a place in finals went to team Subotica and Kikinda. Sombor was firs with 49 points won.

“We did our best and are delighted that we won in front of our supporters. We will try to win gold in Čačak. We have a great team and I think we will win a championship.” – said the captain of Subotica team.

Kikinda placed second and won silver medal with 44 points won.

“It was all in details. All teams are in great shape and well prepared this year and it will be a tough fight in finals. We will give our best to win national championship and hope that we will succeed.” – said captain of Kikinda team.

Boys and girls from Subotica, in spite of effort they have shown, missed their chance to qualify in games of Paddleand finished in third place with 40 points won. Ruma was fourth with 33 points, Sombor 2 fifth 29 and the last was Osečina team with 3 points.

City Games has one more stop in Serbia, on city pools in Čačak on July 30th the great national finals will be held. The winner of the finals will represent Serbia on International Finals in 2020.