Loznica – Zaječar and Knjaževac in finals

After challengers in Sokobanja, Knjaževac and Zaječar, semi-finals of City Games were held in Loznica. Six teams were competing for prestigious place in finals: Niš, Zaječar, Osečina, Knjaževac, Užice and Loznica. They competed in six interesting games: Wine, Flying water polo, Barrel race, Tourist rescuing, Water basketball and Paddle. All teams gave their best but most skills were shown from Zaječar that immediately placed as first and retained that position until the end. A real battle was fought for second place that was finally won by Knjaževac team and that meant   that Zaječar and Knjaževac won their place in finals that will be held in Čačak on July 30th.

Team from Loznica placed fifth: “The most important for us is to be a part of this City Games. We are grateful to our city for organizing games in Loznica and we promise that we will train harder for next year edition.”

“We are delighted and will do everything we can to be victorious in finals” – said the captain oif Zaječar team. 

Captain of Knjaževac team was also very happy with silver medal and place in finals: “We are looking forward for the finals and are very glad that our friends from Zaječar qualified as well. We are neighbours and will certainly train together.

City Games Caravan moves to Vojvodina where on July 19th first challenger will be held.