Zrenjanin, 12. 7. 2017: Total domination of Sombor

Another great event in the pool in Zrenjanin, where the third Serbian challenger took place. Teams were playing awesome games, but there was one team that played close to the highest limit. Guests from Sombor were in the lead from the beginning until the end. Nevertheless, Kikinda team was actually quite close behind, while the home team, Zrenjanin, won the third place, being far behind.

Sombor started hard, getting up to the 183 points in the first game, flying waterpolo, and easily conquered the event. The second game was really interesting when it came to the points. Every team won just the same points as in the first game. Moreover, the audience could enjoy in falls of our beautiful tourists from the island, we have witnessed even spectacular fall into the water of whole team from the rescuing boat. But in the end, they managed to rescue all of our ladies and bring them to the land. Water basket was quite tight if we don´t consider the first and the last team – Sombor and Beograd. The fourth in the middle came within 20 seconds, summing up scores already gave to us clearer picture of leading teams. Even in the water alka Sombor didn´t allow surprise and tightly came ahead of the Zrenjanin. In the last two games, prosciutto and paddle, Kikinda showed very good finish, taking top scores, but didn´t have luck with Sombor. Amongst four first places they finished twice as second and with impressive 60 points more than deserved entered into Serbian final.

For the final we already have five teams that will fight for road to international semi-final – Kragujevac, Čačak, Novi Sad, Sombor and the home team – Zlatibor. The last passenger will be known this Saturday in Sombor.

Sombor: ˝We didn´t hope for the victory today, but after the third game we saw we can do it, so we tried to stay focused and continue in that rhythm. What was decisive today, was our good tactic and team spirit. Nobody was too good or too bad, but we were all ok. We tried to put the best men for each game; in the games, where all of us competed, we showed good cooperation and I think that was the key to success. It was very great experience, organization was at high level and I have to thank to them to bring to us such a great event. In Zlatibor we will for sure try to win. ˝

Kikinda: ˝We wanted to be the best today, but unfortunately didn´t make it. We will try again and we hope for the best. Alka was not good enough for us, even trying to score the basket in water basket didn´t work out well, but we will improve that and we will come back stronger.˝

Zrenjanin: ˝We are really satisfy with the whole event – we had fun with other teams, organization was really special, our result is very good. We were at a quite the same level in every game, alka was the best for us, but in water basket we were not preciously enough. We will keep continue to train and we for sure want to come back to that beautiful event.˝



1st place: Sombor, SOMBOR – 60 points (yellow)

2nd place: Kikinda, KIKINDA – 55 points (orange)

3rd place: Zrenjanin, ZRENJANIN – 34 points (light blue)

4th place: Sportski savez opštine Temerina, TEMERIN – 23 points (red)

5th place: Pančevo, PANČEVO – 23 points (dark blue)

6th place: Espreso RS, BEOGRAD – 2 points (green)