Belišće, 14. 7. 2017: Valpovo travels to Vir

After short Serbian tour City games crossed the border to enter Croatia and organize the first national qualification in Slavonia. Beautiful ambient in Belišće was full even before Games has started and fabulous spectators was cheering for six teams. The best today was with 58 points Žabari from Valpovo, the first team that entered the Croatian final that will take place in 10. August in the island Vir. Unfortunately, the home team Belišće came second with 51, while Lege sa Kopike from Osijek took the bronze with 39 points.

From the start it was clear we will see tight battle for gold between Belišće and Valpovo and, as expected, crowd gave loud support to competitors from Belišće. Home team was the best in the first game, flying waterpolo, scoring 132 points, when the only team that scored more than 100 points was Valpovo. In the second game the battle to save tourists as fast as possible was even tighter – Valpovo won, being only one second faster. First two teams was much better than the others, but Belišće was not happy after donkey race, where the greens again came faster. Slavonian ham was also the most delicious to guy from Valpovo, swimming and climbing to grab it the fastest. The only game, in which Belišće and Valpovo didn´t took the best place, was water basket, where swimmers and water polo players from Osijek – Lege sa Kopike just showed their strength and easily grab 10 points. The first two teams competed between each other and despite leading the whole race, Belišće again couldn´t be better. Their last player had trouble with scoring the basket and Žabari from Valpovo stayed in the lead before the last game, paddle. In the final Belišće finally won over Valpovo, took 15 points, but it was not enough for the win.

In Belišće we witnessed nice event in the great ambient with good spectators and of course, teams. Even team from Hungary came to play, guests from Harkany took 5th place. The big winner, Žabari from Valpovo, qualified for Croatian final and there they will fight for the ticket for the international part of competition.

Žabari, VALPOVO: ˝We didn´t hope for the victory, because our whole team is new in that tournament. We played great, I really congratulate to my team and to organizers for making such a great event. We played the best the Slavonian ham, this is really the best game. We will try to do even better result in the final, we will now try to practice a little, but we are all occupied with doing sport, we have three handball players, professional runner, girls are volleyball players, so I think we will be ready even if we don´t.˝

Belišće, BELIŠĆE: ˝We are really happy with our result. We wanted to be as good as possible, we tried to do our best and to have fun and we did that so it´s great. We didn´t put pressure on us about the result, we just gave our best. We are sorry that we didn´t win, but we made mistake in one game and it was decisive. We also have to say big thanks to the audience which was perfect today. Otherwise, we are professional and recreational athletes, doing triathlon, football basketball and volleyball, so this Games connected all kind of sports.˝

Lege sa Kopike, OSIJEK: ˝We didn´t expect anything, it is the first time that we are here. We really like all the games that we played today. I think we will practice now and we will win the next time. We expected better result in the flying water polo, we were a little crazy in the paddle, but otherwise I believe we played very decent. We are all athletes in our team, we are swimmers, water polo players and triathletes and I think that is the reason we were quite good.˝



1st: Žabari, VALPOVO – 58 points (green)

2nd: Belišće, BELIŠĆE – 51 points (red)

3rd: Lege sa Kopike, OSIJEK – 39 points (yellow)

4th: Sveučilište u Osijeku, OSIJEK – 26 points (dark blue)

5th: Orange Harkany team, HARKANY – 12 points (orange)

6th: Bizovac, BIZOVAC – 9 points (light blue)