Subotica, 11.7.2017: Novi Sad took the win over home team

»We are totally surprised about the victory. We didn´t expect it, but we went for it,« was the first words of the captain of the winning team Barstrong stars from Novi Sad. Tonight´s event again was a proof that it´s not over until the last game finishes. The home team, Sportski savez Subotice from Subotica, was in the lead until the last game, paddle, but unfortunately didn´t play strong enough in that game to keep the first position. Kanjiža took the bronze medal.

In the lake Palič audience could cheer for six very good teams due to having none experience in the City Games before. Amongst first three there were Novi Sad – Barstrong ulični trening, Sombor Ub and Zrenjanin. The teams were really enthusiastic in the training session, where they practiced hard, trying to figure out the best possible way to play each game. And it was so great because teams were really tight together until the end.

Kanjiža took their first 10 points in the first game – water alka, while second game was ruled over by Novi Sad, the green, the winning team. The most attractive tourists they have in Sombor Ub, due to rescuing them the fastest in the third game – tourist rescuing. And then Novi Sad showed strong performance in the donkey race and paddle and took the lead, the win and the ticket for the Serbian final.

Barstrong stars, NOVI SAD: “We only gathered our team two days ago. We are actually two teams came together and we didn’t know until the end who will play with whom. We also didn’t realized exact rules of the Games, that’s why we are really happy. What was the key to success today was our team spirit, we helped each other, we had watched other teams how they played and try to improve their mistakes. We came here to have fun, to get experience and we for sure did that, moreover, we won ticket for the final. I also would like to add that our team is deeply proud on our Dejana (she was born without upper extremity). She was really brave tonight and she was a big and important part of our victory. For the final I can say that we are all athletes so we want to win, but we also know how to lose. That’s why we will do everything to win, but we will not be sad if we don’t.”

Sportski savez Subotica, SUBOTICA: “The event was perfectly organized and we are happy with the second place. We played the Games for the first time and we had the great time here, it´s a great experience we´ve gotten and our silver medal shines like a gold. We will be back.”

Kanjiža, KANJIŽA: “We are really satisfy with our performance, we are here for the first time. Our team is mixed with many different sports and we really played as much as we could, that’s why I can truly congratulate to my team and of course to the first two teams which were today better than us. I also have to thank to the organization team which prepared the great event and for sure we will come again next year.”


1ST place: Barstrong stars, NOVI SAD – 43 points (green)

2nd place: Sportski savez Subotice, SUBOTICA – 36 points (light blue)

3rd place: Kanjiža, KANJIŽA – 32 points (red)

4th place: Barstrong ulični trening, NOVI SAD – 25 points (yellow)

5th place: Sombor Ub, SOMBOR – 25 points (dark blue)

6th place: Zrenjanin, ZRENJANIN – 6 points (orange)