ŠIBENIK, 3. 8. 2017: Ploče this year made it to the final

Šibenik was place to second Croatian challenger last night. Six qualified teams were competing for the gold to enter the national final which will take place on 10. August on Vir. Well experienced teams made a great show and the best in the end was Ploče, Plina Istočna with 58 points, deserving ticket for the final. Right behind them were team from Komolac – Ombla, achieving 51 points, while bronze went to very happy team Posedarje, winning 29 points.


Komolac made the great opening, achieving 182 points in flying water polo and took 10 points for the victory. Ploče was very close behind – 175 points was enough for second place and 8 points, while Šibenik was third with 125 points. Those three teams were for sure favorites for the victory and they already proved it in the first game.


In the second game Ploče overtook Komolac in the first position and didn´t lose it until the end. They were the fastest in the tourist rescuing, making the time 1:20. In this game teams were very close together and also the penalty seconds were decisive in the final placement. The second place went to home team Šibenik – 1:22 and the third one was Komolac, finishing in 1:23.


The donkey race proved that not all of donkeys are stubborn and we´ve witnessed at least two that were impressively obedient. Donkey from Ploče finished the race after 36 seconds, donkey from Ploče was only 4 seconds slower. Battle for the third place was strong, three teams came within 3 seconds, but in the end the luckiest was donkey from Pirovac. After that game the result were like that – Ploče 28 points, Komolac 24 points and Šibenik 14 points. Two teams were still there for the gold.


Very good swimmers from Šibenik proved their form in prosciutto, being much better than others (23,93) and with first 10 points in their account they came closer to the leading teams. Ploče was second with time 27,48 and Posedarje third with 28,65.


In water basket nothing new – Ploče took the victory (2:40) and Komolac the second place (2:48). It was the tight battle, again with penalty seconds. Third placed Posedarje got many of them, but still with time 2:59 took 6 points.


Before the last game paddle the winner was known, so the final in the last game between the best two teams was only for the prestige. Komolac was really happy after winning the final game and it was well deserved. They were the first team that won over Ploče. It was still not enough for taking the victory, Ploče was impressive, winning three games and going second in other three. Posedarje overcome the home team Šibenik in the last game and was in total better of them for only 1 point.


PLOČE: ˝We expected the win tonight but not such a high one. Our team was really good tonight, even better than we expected, we had some luck, I have to say and the result is great. We are happy to entering to the final and we hope we will be on the same level with other teams there and with bit of luck maybe we even repeat today´s result.˝


KOMOLAC: ˝We were very close to the Ploče, but it is clear they are very good team and I have to congratulate them for tonight´s achievement. If we got some less penalty seconds, it could have been different, but here we are. I also have to say thanks to the organization team – everything was perfect. We will see you next year!˝


POSEDARJE: ˝I have to say that this night was perfect – including organization and our competing result. We achieved what we wanted. You always can do better, but it´s ok, we are really satisfy. This is the first time we are part of City Games, we love it and we will for sure be part of it the next year.˝



1st place: PLOČE, Plina Istočna (yellow) – 58 points

2nd place: KOMOLAC, Ombla (orange) – 51 points

3rd place: POSEDARJE, Posedarje (red) –29 points

4th place: ŠIBENIK, Šibenik (blue) – 28 points

5th place: METKOVIĆ, Neretva run (green) – 15 points

6th place: PIROVAC, Fortuna (dark blue) – 14 points

Foto: Jan Mastrović