BRELA, 30. 7. 2017: Beautiful event in Brela

It was pleasant evening in the Brela last night, lovely touristic village in the middle Dalmatia. City Games program started with juniors and continued with the main part, where four teams participated in six games. The best one was experienced team Ombla, Komolac with 29 points. Only one point behind was Plina Istočna, Ploče, while Šubičevac, Šibenik took bronze with 21 points.


Many tourists came to see the junior program, where six teams competed in two different games – water basket and tug of war. Some of the kids were older and bigger, some were younger and smaller, so the result was not the most important, but for sure they all had a lot of fun.


In the last Croatian qualification we saw two teams that already qualified for the next stage of competition (challenger) in the qualification in Zaton – Ploče and Komolac. It was nice fight between them for the win last night until the last game, but also the third team, Šibenik, was in the game until the end. Komolac took the lead in flying water polo, but was the last in the second game – barrel race. Šibenik won that one, while Ploče was the best in tourist rescuing and was also in the lead after three games. They also was the best in alka, but Komolac tried to catch up with winning the donkey race. Before tug of war Ploče was in the lead with 22 points, Komolac had 20 points and Šibenik 18. So the last game was decisive. Komolac was the strongest and took the gold. Ploče this time took the silver (in Zaton it was vice versa), while Šibenik on the third place also got through to the challenger.



1st: Ombla, KOMOLAC – 29 points (yellow)

2nd: Plina Istočna, PLOČE – 28 points (dark blue)

3rd: Šubičevac, ŠIBENIK – 21 points (blue)

4th:  Downtown Brela, BRELA – 2 points (green)


Foto: Jan Mastrović