OKRUG, 4. 8. 2017: The third Croatian finalist is Šibenik

Lovely event was yesterday organized in Dalmatian island Čiovo in little city called Okrug. It was time for the third Croatian challenger so we got another national finalist. This is the team A je to from Šibenik – in six games they collected 35 points. The second-placed Okruk from Okrug finished with 32 points, while the bronze took Trogir Gym from Trogir.

There were five very different experienced teams last night and they played six games – flying water polo, barrel race, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, alka and tug of war. Šibenik, Posedarje and Dubrovačko Primorje showed their good form and experience in flying water polo; they were the best three in the beginning. But everything changed in the second game – barrel race, where the last team from the first game took the most, 8 points – it was Trogir. The tourist rescuing was really funny, it was a little harder for the girls this time, because they stayed in Jadranko where there is no rope like in the island, where they usually stay. After this game the result was exact between Šibenik and Okrug – they both had 16 points. The fastest men in prosciutto was the one from Dubrovačko Primorje and with taking 8 points in that game they got close to the best two. Šibenik took the lead again. But in alka Okrug again was better than Šibenik and before tug of war their account of points were 26. In alka Trogir were the best and caught the battle for the podium. Trogir then won in tug of war and got to the third place.

It was a great performance for the team of Trogir – especially because they played for the first time. They played great the half of the games, but unfortunately got 0 points in two of them which cost them better placement. Also home team Okrug played for the first time and was all the time close to Šibenik, but their strong men were much better in tug of war. They deserved the ticket to the final and joined to already qualified teams Valpovo and Ploče.

ŠIBENIK: “It is hard to form the team because it is a summer time and many players are in holiday. Anyway, we managed to get together strong team so we wanted to win. Only alka was today technically bad played from our side, otherwise we played good and we are looking forward to the final in Vir. We would like to be even stronger there.”



1st place: ŠIBENIK, A je to – 35 points (orange)

2nd place: OKRUG, Okruk – 32 points (green)

3rd place: TROGIR, Trogir Gym – 30 points (red)

4th place: DUBROVAČKO PRIMORJE, Majkovi – 23 points (yellow)

5th place: POSEDARJE, Posedarje R-1 – 12 points (dark blue)


Foto: Jan Mastrović