City Games tour arrived also to the so called Krešimir´s city. Šibenik hosted the second
Croatian qualification at the beach Banj where five teams competed – from Crnica,
Šubićevac, Raslina and Zlarin. In very relaxed and cheerful atmosphere team Šubićevac was
the best and they used this competition as a last good training before the final.

The nature of the location once again didn´t allow that flying water polo would be played, but
the spectators could enjoy for the first time this year in other attractive game, called
fisherman´s crates. Even though Šubićevac is not the area that is exactly at the sea, team from
there were the most skillful with crates. The experiences they possess helped them win in
games tourist rescuing and water basket where they got the maximum points. Their main
rivals was team Crnica, positioning behind Šubićevac in every games except in two most
attractive ones. The best time Crnica made in donkey race, traditionally very amusing game
for both – spectators and competitors. We have also witnessed the epic battle in the final of
tug of war. After more than 1 minute long battle Crnica took the win and the second place in
total standing.

We have to remind on the great atmosphere in the teams from Zlarin and Raslina. Even
though their results were not so great comparing to the leading teams, that didn´t bother them
not to have fun. With positive atmosphere around them they deserved great sympathies from
spectators which rewarded them with big applause after every game.

Today City Games tour will continue with another qualifications in Posedarje, starting at 7.30
p.m. and once again the entrance will be free.