The beach of Novigrad´s sea hosted the second last Croatian event of City Games before the
national final. The organizers were Općina Posedarje and agency Adria Events and teams
from Šibenik, Cesarica, Mali Lošinj, Posedarje and Zagreb were competing on the event. The
gold medal was won by team Cesarica which is near Karlobag. They had the most points on
their account after three sea and three land games.

The competition started with sea games – flying water polo, tourist rescuing and sea basket. In
2 minutes and a half, which is the expiring time in flying water polo, Cesarica won 130
points, creating the best result in this game and got first 8 points. Also tourist rescuing was
very good played by Cesarica, rescuing their ladies from the island in only 1:39 and got
another 8 points. Tight behind was home team which happened to win in sea basket and even
improved great atmosphere on the tribunes.

In land games team Jazavci from Mali Lošinj which came to the games by seaway finally
woke up. With two best results in alka and donkey race they totally mixed the positions in
standing and just before the last game four teams could still won the gold. We found out the
result after finishing tug of war where Šibenik took all 12 points which helped them to won
third place in total and took bronze medal. Even though Cesarica lost the final in tug of war, it
was still enough to win the competition and very well deserved put gold medal around the

Stjepan Lisac, the member of the winning team from Cesarica, got to say only words of
approval for the hosters and organizers: “We would like to thank to Općina Posedarje for
inviting us and for creating such a beautiful event. The whole team enjoyed in competition
and we were also lucky enough to take home the gold medal.”

City Games will continue their way in Croatia in Duga Resa on 19. August which will be
followed by national final in Vir on 26. August. The last competitions will even present the
new scenography which will bring the project to the highest level.