Mestna občina Maribor, the European city of sport of the year 2018, hosted the second
Slovenian City Games challenger. Beautiful weather and the great atmosphere attracted to
Mariborski otok five teams from Maribor and Kranj and also many spectators. The tickets for
the City Games final was won by two teams – the winner Štajerske vijolice (48 points) and
the second placed Palačinke (29 points), both from Maribor.

Štajerske vijolice got maximum points in four games – wine, flying water polo, tourist
rescuing and paddle. The reason for the great result is for sure the many years of experiences
they have and creating some great results in the past. Let´s remind that Štajerske vijolice are
current international winners of City Games. Nevertheless, the big fight was proceeding for
the second place between Palačinke from Maribor and Kranjski orli from Kranj. Palačinke
made better results in donkey race, tourist rescuing and water basket and well deserved won
second place. The bronze went to Kranj.

“We had much fun, like we always do. We are also honored to be the first to test the new
scenes and we are delighted that City Games events are improving through years. We are very
satisfy with our result and for the final in Kranj we expect to have even more fun,” said the
captain of Štajerske vijolice Luka Bombek who is also eager to play again against his
brother´s team Palačinke.

City Games tour is already in Ajdovščina, where the third and the last Slovenian challenger
will take place.