On tour: Sombor, Kraljevo, Zlatibor

We’re touring Serbia for the first time ever!

26.06. Sombor

Sombor is a city located in the province of Vojvodina. It’s famous for its greenery (some say there are 18.000 trees!), cultural life and beautiful 18th and 19th century center. There’s lots of cultural institutions, museums and galleries worth vising. Teacher’s College, founded in 1778, is the oldest college in Serbia and the region. Besides history and culture, there’s plenty of gastronomic events, so we can say this town has a character, soul and aroma. Since it looks like it was built right in the middle of a forest, it is not hard to find a place for picnics, leisure activities or simple rest. Apart from the trees, its famous greenery and unavoidable horse carriages, visitors can spend their time in 16 “salas” settlements scattered around Sombor.

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28.06. Kraljevo

Kraljevo is located in the central part of Serbia, cca 170 km from Belgrade. It is placed in the valley made by the rivers Ibar and Zapadna Morava. Kraljevo is a cultural centre with museums, archives, libraries and theaters, but it’s also well known for its sport & entertainment. There is an open air sport center with a lot of sport facilities for playing tennis, basketball, football and swimming. If you’re a bit more adventurous, you can take a crafting tour from Maglič down the Ibar river till the Kraljevo. Maglič is a medieval town, believed to be built after Mongolian invasion in the 13th centruy. We’re not sure about that, but we do know it’s worth the visit, it’s really unique and only about 30kn from Kraljevo. If you like good food, good music and enjoy being on water all day, come to Kraljevo!

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30.06. Zlatibor

Zlatibor is not just a town, it’s also the name of a mountainous region situated in the western part of Serbia. It’s an important tourist area of Serbia, with plenty of resources for health tourism, skiing and hiking. Here you’ll find numerous modern hotels, holiday centers and cottages, sports grounds, open swimming pools and quality skiing tracks. They are popular thanks to Zlatibor’s cool alpine climate, clean air, long periods of sunshine during the summer and a heavy snow cover in winter. In other words, it’s an all year round tourist destination, so the fact tourism has 120 years long tradition can’ really come as a surprise.

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