City Games 2016: Sombor

We bumped into well known singer Bajaga and his band Instruktori on our way to Sombor!

This brought many great memories back, because they remember those old “Games without borders”, so they were happy to see the spirit of that project lives on. All the values the project was carrying were very important for the youth of that time, so Bajaga and his bandmates were glad to hear new generations will experience the same.

Sombor was our first Serbian destination. Despite the rain that was falling the whole time, we had plenty of good time! 8 teams were fighting for the title of the best one till the very end, when we declared the winner – Čistoća team – with just 1 point advantage over Undisputed brothers vodakanal. Teams were playing flying water polo, tourist rescuing, prosciutto and paddle. Since Serbia is the country of water polo champions, we don’t have to tell you which game was the favourite one!

Both mentioned teams will compete again in the finals in Zlatibor, along with two best teams from Kraljevo, which is our next stop. See you there on Tuesday at the city pool!