MALINSKA, 7. 8. 2017: Champions for the final

It was the current Croatian champion Daj Mare from Krk that was total favorit for winning the fourth national challenger and it ended with no surprise. Krk won in their home place, in Malinska, Krk, winning 50 points. The second place went to team Mali Lošinj, Tri maruna, achieving 35 points, while bronze took Umag – Petrovija with 29.


Again there were six games, played by five teams – flying water polo, barrel race, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, water basket and paddle. And from the beginning it was clear that well experienced Krk is a class of its own. They were the best in five out of a six games, while in one game they came second. As even their captain admitted, the result is not shown the real picture while other teams were not as close experienced as the Croatian champions. It was much better battle for the second place. Mali Lošinj and Umag were even after fifth game, so it was the paddle that decided the second placed team. Mali Lošinj were stronger and they appreciated the silver, but even more they appreciated the great day and evening they spent in a good company.


More or less it was so for every team, but Krk. They for sure played seriously, trying to reach the final where they will try to defend their title. This year´s final will be very strong and we have only one finalist left to get. We will get it tomorrow in island Pag and the best six teams will played against each other very soon – on 10. 8. on island Vir, where the winner will continue their way to the international competition.


KRK: “We are satisfy with our result. Watching the points you could say we cannot do better, but we can. We played against local teams that are not as experienced as we are. We will change team a bit for a final to be stronger there. We will train now because competition in the final will be strong and with bit of luck we can win again, but we have to be at least one step better there. It´s the win we always want, we are not interesting about anything else.”



1st place: KRK, Daj Mare – 50 points (dark blue)

2nd place: MALI LOŠINJ, Tri maruna – 35 points (red)

3rd place: UMAG, Petrovija – 29 points (green)

4th place: NJIVICE, Barakude – 16 points (blue)

5th place: RIJEKA, PomFRI – 4 points (yellow)


Foto: Jan Mastrović