Kotor, 22. 7. 2017: Jadran Škver for prestige, Triatlonci and Kotorska furija for the final

The second challenger was played last night in beautiful Kotor, Montenegro, and it gave us the last two finalists. In Herceg Novi, where national final will take place on 27. July, we will see teams Triatlonci from Herceg Novi and Kotorska furija from Kotor. Last night they took 2nd and 3rd place, while the winner, Jadran Škver, also from Herceg Novi, already had reserved their spot in the final as a home team.

Kotor was really a great host place for last night challenger, many spectators and relaxed, easy-going, but very good competitors in all of the teams were for sure the bottom line for the great atmosphere. There were two teams that already passed to the final – the guests from Trebinje will host the final of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Montenegro´s final will be held in Herceg Novi. So we have six teams, fighting for two free spaces.

The current vice champion from last year, Jadran Škver, which already won the title in the international final two years ago, just proved their strength and experience in every games, but one – barrel race. Like captain of the team said, they have never been good in that game and the tradition obviously continues. But they were strong enough in other games – flying water polo, prosciutto and water basket, being the best – to take the gold. Like the result shows, the battle for the silver was fighting between Kotorska furija and Triatlonci. Triatlonci won the last game, paddle, and overcome the team from Kotor for two points. Also Vjetripion could raise to the third position in the last game, but Jadran Škver broke their dreams in the semi-final and it was clear they will not get through.

We now got all the finalists in Montenegro´s part of competition. A home teams will represent Casa Igalo, the current national champion, and Jadran Škver, both from Herceg Novi, while other four free spots deserved Galioti and Šotokuci, both from Tivat, another team from Herceg Novi – Triatlonci, and Kotorska furija from Kotor.

Jadran Škver, Herceg Novi: ˝Today we didn´t come here in our strongest version, because many competitors couldn´t come. We mixed experiences with youth and I have to say it turned out like a good combination. But we saw our weak points and we will improve them. We always want the best result. I honestly believe that this year´s final will be the most unpredictable, the points will go to all the teams and I am sure that the final will be the real spectacle for the crowd. We will leave our hearts in the pool and hope for the victory. ˝

Triatlonci, Herceg Novi: ˝We are really happy with our results, especially with the paddle, where we won over the champion´s team Jadran Škver. Like the name said, we are all triathletes, but we really cannot compete in the swimming games with guys, that are current or ex water polo players, but we are quite strong in technically complicated games. We also have four girls in our team, one more than others, but we managed to win the silver, so it´s really great. That´s why we will not change our team for the final and we will do everything to be even better than we were here. But for us it´s the fun that matters.˝

Kotorska furija, Kotor: ˝Due to being on that manifestation for the first time and not having a lot of time to practice, we are really satisfy with being third. We will now practice a little bit and will do everything what we can to be in the final as good as possible. I have to say that the weakest game for us was paddle and this is really embarrassing, because we all live near the sea for the whole life and we cannot paddle. We will improve that. We realized that not everything is in the strength, but good technic is also important.˝



1st place: HERCEG NOVI, Jadran Škver – 58 points (dark blue)

2nd place: HERCEG NOVI, Triatlonci – 53 points (green)

3rd place: KOTOR, Kotorska furija – 51 points (light blue)

4th place: KOTOR, Vjetripion – 39 points (yellow)

5th place: KOTOR, Vikinzi – 26 points (orange)

6th place: KOTOR, Fortunelice – 22 points (dark blue)

7th place: KOTOR, Leteći šugamani – 8 points (red)

8th place: TREBINJE, Trebinje – 2 points (orange)


Foto: Jan Meštrović