Before the final in Trebinje, BiH: Trebinje hosts the final

The most southern city in Bosnia and Herzegovina will host the national final tonight. It is for the first time that manifestation City Games will be held in Trebinje, while Bosnia and Herzegovina already had a representative that participated in the international part of Games for three years.

Trebinje, known as the city of the sun and platan trees, is one of the warmest city in BiH and is part of the Republika Srpska entity. The historical city was continuously populated since the Stone Age and after that many different nations influenced the image of city. Trebinje lies in the Trebišnjica river valley and there are several mills and bridges on the river. The famous one is Arslanagić bridge, built in 18th century by Ottomans. The city itself has many churches and monasteries, of which one of the most beautiful is Hercegovačka Gračanica, located on the Crkvina Hill. The population of Trebinje is around 25 000, the most notable person from here was the poet, writer and diplomat Jovan Dučić.

Olympic pool Banje will tonight at 7.30 p. m. host the City Games final of the BiH. Six teams will compete in six entertaining water games and the winner will among the Bosnian title also take the ticket for the international part of City Games, representing their country. For the title will compete the home team, Trebinje, then Bijeljina, Mostar, Rogatica, Višegrad and Nevesinje. For the final the organization team prepared the following games – flying water polo, tourist rescuing, water alka, prosciutto, water basket and paddle. Only one team played the Games this year – Trebinje – they were guests in Montenegro in Kotor, but we are sure that every single team will come to the final well prepared and that we will witness the great battle between them.