City Games 2016: Vranjic

Lots of fun on our fourth semi-final!

Yesterday in Vranjic we enjoyed the showcase of skill, adrenaline and good sport spirit. Vranjic’s waterfront was full of people enjoying the clash of veterans and some new, young City Games forces. They all wanted the same, ticket for big Croatian final in Malinska on August 4!

Teams competed in flying water polo, water basket, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, treasure hunt and tug of war. Cesarica from Karlobag won this semi final, well deserved we might say. They waited for this moment for six years and finally made it!

Legendary team from Vranjic, former Croatian and international City Games champions, Ciplo Dizelaši, ended up second-placed. They plan to retire now, but who knows what will happen next year…

City Games debutants and new young team Stara Povljana ended up third, while Ličani from Plitvička jezera, Raslina from Šibenik and DVD Solin were bit less lucky this time.

One more semi-final to go: Vir! let’s do it!