City Games 2016: Okrug

Tough battle in Okrug decided our third semi-finalist.

Five teams competed on Okrug’s waterfront with only one goal: to get the ticket for Croatian final in Malinska. Ofcourse just one of them managed that and that was fantastic team from the island of Krk, Daj Mare. It was a tough fight, as the second-placed team from Ploče, Plina Istočna, had just one point less at the end of the games.Žman team from Dugi Otok ended up third. Bit less lucky were pokemoni Meterize from Šibenik and Reful team from Rijeka.

The audience enjoyed watching flying water polo, water basket, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, alka and tug of war. It was intense up to the very end!

Two more semi-finals to go. Next stop: Vranjic!