City Games 2016: Šibenik

We visited Šibenik for the third time and had great time as always!

City Games in Šibenik were true summer spectacle, thanx to the six fantastic teams competing on Banj beach in attractive disciplines: water basket, tourist rescuing, fishermans crates, donkey race and the mother of all games – tug of war!

Šubićevac team won these Games, while on the second place we got Pokemons! Yes, Pokemons Meterize, who will also get the shot in semi-finals and maybe qualify for big Croatian finale in Malinska in August. Third placed Rasline and other teams (Zaton, Crnica and Zlarin) were less lucky this time.

One thing that make this event great was the cooperation with the Tourist board of the City of Šibenik, who were really giving their best to animate the locals to join the games, so every local county was represented by one of the teams. And that’s not all: we had plenty of local athletes – audience really enjoyed watching them in action!

Prioer to the seniors, program was opened by City Games Junior. Benjo Ekipa won over Cool Ekipa and Pokemoni (yes, pokemons again and everywhere, it’s an epidemic!), kids competed in fishermans crates, bag race and tug of war.

Next stop: Posedarje