On tour: Šibenik, Posedarje, Zaton, Zaglav

We’re in the middle of our 2016 tour!

20.07. Šibenik

Šibenik, a gem in the Croatian Adriatic, is situated along the mouth of Krka on the most picturesque part of the eastern Adriatic coast. It is the oldest native Croatian town on the shores of the sea. The rich cultural and historical heritage of the city is visible in the impressive Cathedral of sv. Jakov, built by the famous architect Juraj Dalmatinac and is under UNESCO protection. Numerous churches, monasteries, palaces and four fortresses ‘frame’ the city. Šibenik is a city of culture, the host to the only International Children’s Festival as well as traditional events such as Dalmatian chanson Evenings and quite a few modern music festivals. Near the town there are two national parks – Krka and Kornati whose fascinating landscapes take visitors breath away. The same can be said for the Kornati archipelago, west of Šibenik, that consists of 150 islands in a sea area of about 320 km2, making it the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.

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21.07. Posedarje

On the coast of the Novigrad Sea, not far from Zadar, at the foot of Velebit there are the small villages of Posedarje and Vinjerac. This agricultural area is famous for its fresh and healthy food, especially the Posedarje prosciutto. The scenic landscape around the mouth of the river Baštice and the fertile countryside with its olive groves, figs trees, and vineyards gives the whole area its romantic rural characters. Special attractions are the various species of birds: storks, herons, coots and swans that come from colder regions. Lush vegetation (forests of Holm oak), beautiful beaches, warm sea and a well organised tourist infrastructure all help to create a peaceful and good quality holiday. National park Paklenica is a must! Also, really unique local resort called “Čelinka” – you’ll be amazed to see what one artist managed to create!

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22.07. Zaton

Zaton is a small tourist town situated between two historic cities – Nin and Zadar. It represents a unique combination of Dalmatian architecture, pleasant Mediterranean climate, unspoilt natural surroundings, rich cultural and historical heritage and a lively tourist everyday life. The sandy beaches in the shade of ancient trees are ideal for families with children. Guests have a well-equipped campsite at their disposal, apartments and plenty of private accommodation and sports facilities. If you want to find peace, crystal clear sea, a clean underwater world, the shade of pine forests, an unforgettable sunset, then Zaton is the ideal place for your holiday.

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23.07. Zaglav

Zaglav is very proud of its cultural heritage, in particular the Franciscan monastery and church of St. Michael, their patron saint dating from the 15th century. This place is also unavoidable point for all sailors due to the only gas station on the lower nautical line of Zadar achipelago. It’s a place of sporting activities, such as beach volleyball and diving, and during the year there are tournaments in basketball and beach volleyball. City Games also became regular season guests. We have great time in Zaglav every year!

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