City Games 2016: Radlje ob Dravi

Yesterday we played at one of the most special articifial lakes in Slovenia, in beautiful Water Park Radlje ob Dravi.

Four teams competed in the second Slovenian semi final. Games were as follows: flying water polo, tourist rescuing, water basket, barrel race, prosciutto and paddle. Štajerske violice, well-experienced team from Maribor, won the first place. This is their fourth year on City Games, so they are more than familiar what it takes to win the games. Are they favorites to win in the final in Kranj as well? They said they’ll sure give their best for that.

In the final we’ll also see the second-placed team Radlje ob Dravi. Third place was won by the Za Kranj team from Kranj and Rožice from Ptuj were fourth.

So off we go to the Slovenian final. Kranj, here we come!