City Games 2016: Kranj

What a final in Kranj!

Six teams from all over Slovenia competed yesterday evening in Kranj for the title of the best one, the one that will represent Slovenia at the international final in Biograd on 3rd of September.

Huge crowd cheered the whole time, it was fun and exciting from the first game. Teams played flying water polo, tourist rescuing, water basket, prosciutto, water alka and paddle. As usual in the finals, they all gave their best, but there’s only place for one team on the throne, and that team was Velenje. Their score was 63 points, second-placed Štajerske vijolice from Maribor scored 42 points – that difference should tell you something!

Vijolice were one of the favorites, but this time were less lucky. Za Kranj team were third, Rad mam Radlje from Radlje ob Dravi were 4th, Kranj all in one 5th and finally VIP team from Ivančna Gorica were 6th.

Lots of adrenaline and laughter in Kranj, full of energy we’re now waiting for the international final in Biograd!

Till then, we’ll take a little break. After 2 months on the road, we deserve it, right? ;)