City Games 2016: Rabac

Great players and hot atmosphere marked our third qualifying event in one of the most charming bays of the Istrian peninsula.

The number of spectators gave us impression we’re at the peak of this year’s tourist season. Yes, that’s how great it was! And so were the players: “Petrovija” team from Umag became our third winner, winning over “Daj MAre” from Krk and local teams “Budokai” and “Društvo podvodnih aktivnosti” (“Company of underwater activities”) from Labin. We also had “Austria” team in Rabac, whose goal was to try something new and have fun. And they certainly did!

They competed in five challenging games: Competed in five challenging and fun games – flying water polo, rescuing tourists, alka, donkey race and a decisive game that is often called the mother of all games – rope.

We’ve also enjoyed watching two junior teams competing, “Morske beštije” and “NIJSP”, both good at fisherman’s cascates and sack jumping, but Morske beštije won at the end.

The event was spiced by a cheerful masked procession, turning Rabac waterfront into the heart of the carnival.

Next stop is Lovran, after which we’re leaving for neighboring countries. So much excitement awaits us on this 2016 tour!