City Games 2016: Duga Resa

We got our first continental winner on the beautiful Mrežnica river!

Yesterday we visited continental Croatia for the first time and for the first time City Games were held on a river. Not just any river, but magic river of Mrežnica, that once again showed its great potential for events such as this but also all kinds of adrenaline water sports. It did also rain until the beginning, but that didnt stop the teams and the audience to gather at the river beach, play and cheer loud! Duga Resa’s own KPA Vodomar team won over KSV, Taekwando, Dream Team and DVD Duga Resa, thus becoming our first continental winner. They now continue their way to the top all the way through semifinals in Novalja, and maybe finals in Malinska.

Even the youngest were enjoying the whole time despite rainy weather, showcasing their skills in front of their parents and friends. Bekani were the best this time, winning over Pande, Smajliči and Betmeni teams.

Next stop: Rabac on June 18. See you there!