City Games 2016 final is getting closer

Join us at the international final in Biograd on 3rd of September!

We are getting close to the end of seventh City Games season. During this year’s tour we visited about 40 places in the region and had really great time! Now the only thing left is the spectacular international final in Biograd, the night that will give us our winner for 2016.

On 3rd of September Biograd will see six teams wanting victory, six state champions with huge desire to take the main crown of these popular summer games. Competition is heavy and really motivated, so expect top atmosphere and good fight till the end.

Croatia will be represented by Daj Mare from Krk, Serbia’s champs are Kragujevac, colors of Montenegro will be defended by Casa Igalo from Herceg Novi, Brotnjo team from Čitluk is representing Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy is sending us Moconesi team and Velenje will play for Slovenia.

These are all well experienced teams who know it’s about skills and team work, but also about a little bit of luck. They will play intense games like sea alka, flying water polo, battle, wine and paddle, where every second of concentration matters. Tho we have to say, knowing that they managed to get to the finals among 2500 competitors on this tour, even the final is a huge accomplishment for them.

Entrance will be free, so come and cheer for your teams. They need your voices and hands, it might be crucial for one of them in taking the throne. Let’s celebrate positive values and friendship together, with lots of fun and adrenaline in Biograd and find out who will be crowned as the 2016 winner of City Games!