Charming Kotor and Victorious “Tarzani”

In the beautiful an charming Kotor Bay, at Waterpolo club Primorac swimming pool, the club that celebrates ten year anniversary from winning the European Waterpolo champions League title, City Games spotlights lightened other champions – the competitors of the City Games challenger.

Five teams from the Republic of Montenegro participated the competition with goal to take their place for finals that will be held on august 24th in Budva.

Tarzan team from Budva, Sharks from Herceg Novi, Barely gathered from Herceg Novi, Flying šugamani from Kotor and Free B from Budva were decisive to fight to win that prestigious title – the finalist of the City Games

More than 400 spectators and fans with presence of National RTCG television, that will weekly report from games and provide live broadcast from finals in Budva, enjoyed this unique combination of sport and fun.

Teams competed in five games that were a mix of tradition and a modern City Games like Wine and Prosciuto as well as attractive Water Basketball, Flying Waterpolo and the queen of City Games – The Paddle.

Furious start of the team Barely gathered in the first game Wino, followed by second Tarzan team implied high physical readiness but also a great team work that is essential for this game.
In second and third game, Flying waterpolo and Prosciutto Tarzan team dominated and took the lead scoring most points, as well as in the fourth game, the game requesting both physical strength and concertation – water basketball. With almost double more points than other teams in the end, team Tarzan was crowned as the king of the City Games in Kotor pool.

Although domination of Tarzan team was obvious, spectators enjoyed beautiful summer night in Kotor marked by great performance, music, cheering, but mostly by enjoying in sports and programme that managed to connect tradition, fun and competitors skills.

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Results – KOTOR (MNE CHALLENGER) July 25th 2019.

1st place: Tarzani (Budva) – 42 points
2nd place: Ajkule (Herceg Novi) – 22 points
3rd place: Barely gathered (Herceg Novi)- 21 points
4th place: Flying šugamani (Kotor) – 17 points
5th place: Free B (Budva) – 8 points