Spectacular atmosphere in Zaton

Eighth year in a row City Games was held in Zaton which was a guarantee that both competition and atmosphere will be at highest level. Zaton Bay, one of the most beautiful one bays in Adriatic sea was additional stimulus to organizers: Tourist board of the City of Dubrovnik and Adria events agency and both for teams: Ombla from Komolac, Majkovi from Dubrovnik shore, Garaža from Mokošica, AŠD Orašac from Orašac and home team named Beach bar La Rocca to show their best.


The competition itself was followed by the media representatives and more than 500 spectators and tourists that were overwhelmed by the event.


Teams competed in five games that were combination of tradition and concept of modern games like Tourist rescuing, Wine, Prosciutto and the most attractive Water basketball and Paddle.


Games Paddle, Tourist rescuing and Water basketball was dominated by team Ombla, while in game Prosciutto by AŠD Orašac. Second place in two games went to teams Beach bar La Rocca and Majkova.


In final game, Paddle, which is usually decisive game,  driven by cheering of exceptionally cheerful and loud supporters, team AŠD Orašac came out victorious. Regardless of the win in final Game team Ombla was first in this unforgettable event in whole.


With loud celebration that went deep into the night, City Games said goodbye to Zaton and continued its tour.


Ambient and competition itself was best described by Mrs. Inge Frisk from Sweden that congratulated the organizers and thanked for unforgettable evening in Zaton bay when she, more than ever, felt tradition, spirit and energy of Zaton where she is spending holydays.