After playing three challengers in Valjevo, Knjaževac and Vranje, last night was on the city
pool in Čačak in the semi-final playing six qualified teams. Competitors were from Vranje,
Knjaževac, Zaječar, Užice, Valjevo and Čačak and they all possessed only one goal – to
qualify for the final.

There were six different games in the list and spectators gave their best to be the most
supportive to the home team as possible. After first game flying water polo Užice took the
most points – 10, Čačak was second – 8 points, Vranje got 6 points, Zaječar 4, Knjaževac 2
and Valjevo 0. The second game tourist rescuing brought a little changes in standings. Man
from Knjaževac rescued their ladies at the shortest time and won 10 points for his team.
Zaječar was much better in this game and came second, taking 8 points, while Vranje and
Užice made the same result and took 6 points. 2 points was won by Valjevo and 0 points by
Čačak which was not very cheerful for the spectators.

Water alka has, otherwise, made big changes in the rankings and after this game the things got
complicated. After three games three teams got the same amount of points in the first position
– Zaječar, Knjaževac and Vranje all got 22 points. Užice was also tight behind with 20 points,
while Čačak – 8 points and Valjevo – 4 points was behind. In barrel race Čačak raised like a
phoenix from the ashes and came first, but the less lucky were the ladies from Vranje. After
that game situation became clearer – Knjaževac took the lead with 28 points, Zaječar was still
close behind with 26, Vranje and Užice on the third position had 22 points, Čačak 18 and
Valjevo 12.

Valjevo has waken up in the water basket, creating the best time, while one of the favorites,
Zaječar, surprisingly ended this game with the worst time. Before the last game the standings
looked like this: Knjaževac 34 points, Užice 30 points, Zaječar 26 points, Vranje 24 points,
Valjevo and Čačak 22 points.

As many times before, paddle was decision maker of a winner. The last one was Vranje with
24 points. Čačak was better only for one point and took fifth place – 25 points. The fourth
position won Valjevo, having 31 points in their account. Bronze medal was well deserved by

Užice – 36 points, silver medal by Zaječar – 38 points, while the big winner of the second
semi-final was Knjaževac, winning amazing 49 points.

The medals for the best teams were presented by the deputy major of Čačak Vladan Milić and
he told he were very sorry that Čačak didn´t made it to the final, but that he is very proud of
their townsmen for being such a great hosters.

The first three teams has qualified to the final. In Zlatibor in the pool of the hotel Olimp will
be at 6.30 p.m. competing the following teams – Kragujevac, Subotica, Kikinda, Užice,
Zaječar and Knjaževac. It is expected the great competition between all six, since only one
can represent Serbia in the international final in Luxembourg, where they will compete with
15 more countries.