After long season City Games tour has arrived to the final destination – Biograd na Moru. That nice touristic city in Dalmatia has hosted international finals for many years now and once again proved they are manage to do a great event. In the first semi-final there were four teams, fighting for two positions to enter the final, and expected teams won the event. Montenegro took the first position and Croatia the second. The third Italians and fourth Bosnians showed good performance, but has a bit lack of experience in the end.

Teams were playing six different games and there were no team that run ahead during the competition. Montenegro took the victory in flying water polo, where Croatia were not so far behind. Croatia then took the six points for being the most precise in archers, while the second came Montenegro and favorites were even after first two assignments. Then result changed after turning into more technical demanding games. As a country of wine it was normally Italians won the game, named wine, where their men made great job in bringing grapes and women totally ruled in squeezing it. Only 2 dcl less wine was made by Croatian team, while Montenegro took the third position.

Italians then proved they can manage – along with wine – the stubborn donkey, too and with second win they came along with leaders – three of them had the exact amount of points after fourth game. Bosnians were great in leading the blind donkey and took 4 points here. Fisherman´s crates offered many spectacular occurrences – women were falling out of a boat, crates and fishes finished in the totally wrong positions as it should – falling down during the run, some of them fell even in the sea. The last game, paddle, one of the most attractive game for spectators, which were – anyway – fabulous last night, bring up the winner of the night – the Montenegro team. As it is known, this team from Herceg Novi took the international crown two years ago, while current champion, the other team from Herceg Novi, this year took silver in their country. Croatia with silver also passed to the final, while Italians and Bosnians, very pleasured teams, were not said because they didn´t passed through. As they said, it was a great experience and due they played many of games for the first time, they cannot be unsatisfied. They came to have fun, they had it so they actually turn out as winners.

Montenegro: ˝We expected to pass to the final on a first position and we did that. Very good job, as always, made our great girls. Today we played archers unexpectedly good for the first time, but had some problem in donkey race. In the final we will try to improve the mistakes we made today. I expect the final to be very tight, we saw some teams came really prepared, but we will try to win, as always.˝