Yesterday it was time for second international semi-final, where four very good teams competed. After Montenegro and Croatia we got another two teams to play in the final and the honor went to very experienced team from Slovenia, Maribor (34 points) and Macedonia, Skopje (21 points), which was a little surprise. Serbia, Kragujevac achieved the same points as Macedonia, but came third due to worse position in the last game.


Teams had probably the most physically intense games in the whole City Games tour, playing sea alka, tourist rescuing, Adriatic battle, prosciutto, sea basket, and so teams with larger amounts of good player could rested some of them. The player from Maribor expose exactly that thing: ˝We played very hard games last night and it was clear that one or two players couldn´t do it. So we changed much and we figured out we have wide specter of excellent players which is really encouraging for us. We are here to have fun, but tomorrow we will anyway try to win for the first time in Slovenian history.˝


Even if result don´t show it, the difference between teams were not so big. We have watched some really interesting and tight battles and teams passed challenging games very good. Macedonia and Slovenia obviously have very similar way of playing, while they came exactly the same in two games. Many great spectators from different countries and players once again found out, how important the game paddle is. Serbia were in the 2nd position before it, going 6 points ahead of Macedonia. But as their very funny guy said, they for sure don´t weight enough to be competitive in that game which really turned out to be true. But they were happy anyway: ˝We wanted to enter the final, but we are not sad. Our main point of City Games is having a good time. We don´t train, we just love to hang out with a team and make new friendships.˝


Macedonia took all points in paddle (Serbia took Adriatic battle, while other four was won by Slovenians) and came ahead on second position: ˝We have experience in playing City Games and we wanted to go through. We are really satisfy, we passed in the last seconds, but we did. Tomorrow we expect great competition between four very good teams and we will give our best to win it.˝


We cannot not tell you something about University of Pecs, Hungary which played the games for the first time and really was good, comparing to other well experienced teams. They were totally enthusiastic about City Games and they already express the wish to come to play games again.


As we said – the big final between Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia will be played tomorrow in Biograd in the evening and could be the final with one of the most strong and spectacular teams.




1st place: SLOVENIA, Maribor – 34 points

2nd place: MACEDONIA, Skopje – 21 points

3rd place: SERBIA, Kragujevac – 21 points

4th place: HUNGARY, University of Pecs – 6 points