The only team that competed in last year international final and will be part of this year City Games international semi-final is team from Serbia – Kragujevac. Kragujevac played City Games for the first time last year, won in Serbian final and the fifth position in international part. This year they won in Serbian final again and it was clear that their experience helped them much.

Serbia team consists of many professional athletes. The captain of the team is European champion in triathlon and vice champion in World championship, among this he is also region champion in high diving. Also one of the women is champion in high diving, while other two do athletics, swimming and handball and are also national champions. Anyway, Kragujevac made very fast swimmers team, but also managed to include a basketball player, kayak champion and wrestler.

Serbians are for sure one of the main favorites for the final for what we saw until now, but it is clear that there are no bad teams in international semi-final. Expectations? ˝We were 5th last year and we want to take a medal this year. We are all professional athletes with very good results, including winning medals in European and World championships. That´s why City Games for us is very good fun and entertainment, but it´s in our nature to try to win every time.˝