The eight season of City Games has come to an end and for the first time Slovenian team took the gold and prestige crown of City Games international champion in dramatically final part. Maribor won 25 points after six games, while home team Ploče, Croatia, gathered only one less – 24 points. With 19 points Macedonia took bronze, while defending champion, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, finished on 4th position with 10 points.


Slovenia perfectly opened up the games, making impressively 18 points in the first game – sea alka. Macedonia took 4 points for 13 points, while Montenegro made 8 points in the third position. Winning first game, Slovenia flew up even in the second game, Adriatic battle, where men brought the flag to the land the fastest. But the result in that game was very tight – Macedonia came two seconds behind Slovenian team and Croatia three more behind Macedonia.


The prove that teams are really very equal was shown in wine, where all four came within 0,7 liter. Croatia showed they are not unfamiliar with producing wine, for Slovenia it is well known they know how to do it and last night even Montenegro proved making wine is quite general thing around the world. In the fourth game sea basket Maribor achieved third win and did it easily this time. They played the game perfectly, scoring the basket for the first time by every player and finished in 2:34. Only one second has separated Croatia (2:50) and Montenegro (2:51), but Macedonia was much behind (3:29).


When it seemed Slovenia will took the crown for the first time, fisherman´s crates came and changed everything. Croatia was the fastest and precise enough to came first (3:04), and Montenegro team would be even faster if they didn´t make mistake just before the end and get penalty seconds (3:16). Macedonia also received penalties and finished in 3:25, while Maribor, once again, thrown crates couple of time and with 0 points for time 3:50. The game for victory was one.


As many times until now, paddle was decisive and it gave the new City Games winner. Slovenia in the first semi-final lost with Macedonia, Croatia on the other hand won against Montenegro and went to the final. Slovenia then won against Montenegro to achieved 3 points in paddle. The big final came in the end and Macedonia was stronger of Croatian team what meant that Slovenia won the title of the City Games international winner.


After 58 days of City Games 2017 tour, the games has came to an end with victory ceremony and with after party, where teams has united between each other and had fun, as the main goal of City Games project is.



1st place: SLOVENIA, Maribor – 25 points

2nd place: CROATIA, Ploče – 24 points

3rd place: MACEDONIA, Skopje – 19 points

4th place: MONTENEGRO, Herceg Novi – 10 points