Before the final: Six qualified teams will fight for the victory

The first national final of this season of City Games will take place in Zlatibor, Serbia, on Thursday, 20. July, at 19.30. The current Serbian champion Kragujevac was first to ensure the way to the final and will be, due to their big experiences, one of the main favorites for the title.


Within Kragujevac that won in the challenger in Čačak, also the home team Čačak, winning the second place, got through. The challenger in Subotica gave us the next finalist, Novi Sad, while in Zrenjanin and Sombor the first two places took the same teams – Sombor and Kikinda and deserved their ticket for Zlatibor. The big six ends with the home team Zlatibor that already have experience with competing in the final and will for sure have the strongest support with spectators.


Teams will compete in the swimming pool in Zlatibor in six different games – flying water polo, tourist rescuing, water alka, prosciutto, water basket and paddle. Unless Novi Sad (and Zlatibor which we didn´t see play this year) other four teams played flying water polo in the challenger. For what we saw, Kragujevac was much better than others in this game, but it is also important to know that both, Sombor and Kikinda, showed big improvement from challenger in Zrenjanin to Sombor. Also Čačak was close, so we expect very tight result in this game. The tourist rescuing is for sure the game, in which a lot of things can go wrong. Impressively fast in this one were Čačak and Kikinda, but – as we sad – a lot of unwanted things can happen. Until now, the strongest in water alka were Sombor and Kikinda, while for water basket it´s hard to say, due to having different conditions (length of swimming). The main favorite for swimming and climbing to prosciutto the fastest is with no doubt the competitor from Kragujevac. He told to us he is probably the best competitor in that game and, observing him, we could agree. On the other hand, we also have very good player in Kikinda team and he will try to endanger the victory of Kragujevac in this game. The last but not at least, there is game paddle. To say which team is the strongest, has no sense. Teams will paddle in the pairs, due to their place after the fifth game and while paddle has more points than other games, this game can change a lot.


To conclude, we have six very good teams in the final and they will surely give the best performance possible. The first place brings, together with the Serbian champion, the ticket for the international semi-final, where the winning team will represent country Serbia. In Zlatibor there is spectacle we expect and we are politely inviting you to be a part of it.