Trebinje, 25. 7. 2017: Home team much stronger than others

Olympic pool Banje was today place where spectacular final of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held. Making one of the best event in this year of City Games, crowd, which took over the whole tribune and more, drove home team Trebinje to the top and to the international semi-final. Trebinje was much better than others and won gold with 59 points. The silver belonged to Bijeljina and bronze to Mostar, both achieving 34 points. Part of one of the team that played in Trebinje – Bileća, was the best Bosnian swimmer Ivana Ninković (from Trebinje), which represented BiH as the youngest competitor in her national team in Olympic Games in London, 2012.

Amazing spectators gave best support to every team, but especially to the home team. They started the Games to the most spectacular and wanted way – with taking the most, 10 points, in first game – flying waterpolo. They made fabulous 315 points, showing unbelievable improvement, comparing with that one in Kotor few days ago. No one else could make more than 100 points, with 74 points the second in this game was Mostar and the third one with 70 points Bijeljina.

Trebinje continued like they started – with the victory in the second game – tourist rescuing. But this time competition was closer. Fast and strong man from the home team brought his girls to the safety land in 2 minutes and 22 seconds. 8 points took Bijeljina with time 2:27, while 6 points was won by Nevesinje with 2:30.

Water basket brought nothing new – Trebinje again was much stronger than others. Very good female swimmer helped her team to finish the assignment in 3:32. Bileća took their first points in this game and it was 8 points for coming second fastest – 4:09. Ivana Ninković was for sure one of the strongest part in her team in this game. 6 points went to Višegrad for the time 4:22.

Finally something new in water alka – Trebinje didn´t win. Moreover, they only came forth in this game, left the possibility for winning open. Impressively good in taking the alkas was Mostar (12 points), Bijeljina and Nevesinje were good enough to be right behind them.

One of the tightest decision in delivering the points was prosciutto, where five teams (except Bijeljina) came within 3 seconds. 10 points again was won by Trebinje and it was clear that nobody could overcome them. Less than second behind was Nevesinje and a little less than two seconds behind the winner Višegrad completed the game.

For the prestige the last game, paddle, was played and it belonged to the big winner of the night – Trebinje. Bijeljina took 12 points for the second place and overcame two teams for taking the silver in the final result. Mostar lost the battle for the 3rd place in the game paddle and had to be satisfied with bronze, while Nevesinje, being on the third position after five games, fall to the 5th place. The proof, that excluding Trebinje, teams were very equal.

Trebinje, 1st place: ˝We are more than happy with taking gold. The main goal of the City Games are having fun, hanging around, meeting people, promoting your own city and I believe we achieved all of that. We played really good flying waterpolo and paddle, but could do better in alka. After Kotor we started to see each other more often, we practiced more, we made tactic and result is seen. Now we saw we can play good so we will try our best in the international part of Games.˝

Bijeljina, 2nd place: ˝We expected the first place today, but we weren´t good enough for Trebinje. We had great time and we hope that one day this manifestation would come to our town. We love all the games, some of them were really exhausting, but we had fun. We could play better the tourist rescuing and prosciutto and I am sure we would be better if there were real prosciutto hanging above the rope.˝

Mostar, 3rd place: ˝It was awesome. I can´t believe how great these games are, it was really fabulous. We also expected the win, but we are still satisfy with the result. The paddle was the hardest for us, we lost the second place in that game. But nevertheless, it was great and we will for sure be part of it the next year.˝



1st place: TREBINJE – 59 points (dark blue)

2nd place: BIJELJINA – 34 points (orange)

3rd place: MOSTAR – 34 points (light blue)

4th place: VIŠEGRAD – 29 points (red)

5th place: NEVESINJE – 27 points (green)

6th place: BILEĆA – 12 points (yellow)


Foto: Jan Mestrović