On tour: Tučepi, Okrug, Slatine, Brela, Vranjic, Baška Voda

City Games 2016 tour intensifies…

14.07. Tučepi

Tučepi is a modern tourist destination, getting more popular every year. There’s plenty of hotels, resorts and private accomodation, while restaurants and taverns offer rich choice of traditional food and beverages. If you decide to spend your vacation here, you won’t regret it – beaches are several kilometers long, you can enjoy walking the promenade in the evening, rest in the pine forest and enjoy well known hospitality of locals for the whole time.

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15.07. Okrug

Okrug is situated on the west part of Čiovo island, known for its mild Mediterranean climate, rich subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation, and archipelago of small picturesque islands, innumerable small hidden bays and beaches. Riviera Okrug with 2670 sunny hours yearly is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia. Besides plenty of sun and sea, there are various possibility of recreation: you can for example dive and enjoy the beauties of Adriatic seabed or visit fitness centre with tennis courts. For more active holiday, you can rent motor scooter or fly with a parachute on the local beach. Last but not least, there are plenty restaurants offering fine Dalmatian specialties.

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16.07. Slatine

Slatine is a small fishing village situated on the north side of the island Čiovo, on the shores of Kaštela bay, opposite of Split and Marjan hill (and the view of them is pretty cool!) There are old houses and newly built cottages available for rent, small port, football and basketball playground, couple of restaurants and pizzerias. If you like your holiday peaceful and quiet, this is your place. Moreover, the coast is indented with coves, rocks and stone beaches, surrounded with pine forests making natural shade of summer heat. Ideal for couples and families with small children!

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17.07. Brela

Brela is one of those modern tourist places, with everything a guests might want, but also rich in tradition and with a lovely natural environment. Yes, it’s hard to have all that in one spot, but here they managed to do it. Located between the mountain of Biokovo and the island of Brač, it represents real earthly beauty. Beautiful beaches, pine forests, clear sea, Mediterranean climate, sport grounds, a marina, this peaceful place guarantees an unforgettable holiday. If you don’t believe us, maybe we should mention awards and accolades by Forbes magazine and highly prestigious award Entente Florale Europe (Golden Flower of Europe). Tourism is very important here and developed for 100 years, you can definitely feel that!

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18.07. Vranjic

Vranjic is the name of peninsula and small resort on it, located north of Split peninsula and near the mouth of the river Jadro. Because of its beauty and direct contact with the sea, Vranjic is sometimes called “Little Venice”. What is less known, it’s the place where cult Croatian TV series “Naše malo misto” was filmed, depicting life in a small Dalmatian town through the chronicles of local residents. In short, it’s one of the best and most popular works of Croatian cinematography. Besides having rich history, Vranjic will conquer your heart with good food and great people. We just love to come back every year!

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19.07. Baška Voda

Some say Baška Voda is the finest pearl on the Riviera of Makarska. There are traces of life dating back over 3000 years ago – that should tell you something. Fresh and clean air, long white pebble beaches, sun streching its beams over the green olive trees, vineyards, pines and palms… yes, we’re describing paradise and its name is Baška Voda, where people used to make living by working on the land and by the sea. Now they turned their city into attractive tourist resort, creating a harmonious combination of clean environment, traditional Dalmatian architecture, customs and modern life. If you’re interested in the stories about the past, visit the museums. If you’re into more active holiday, you can visit Biokovo mountain, nearby islands, Cetina river canyon, Dubrovnik… there are countless options for a daily trip.

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