On tour: Malinska, Ajdovščina, Neum, Radlje ob Dravi, Kranj

In less than 10 days we will tour through 3 countries!

04.08. Malinska

A tourist destination in the northern Adriatic since ancient times, Malinska is one of Krk’s gems. Due to the mild Mediterranean climate it is suitable for holidays throughout the year, and because of the shallow sea and the weak sea currents the sea is extremely warm (25˚C). The beautiful pebble and sandy beaches bathed with lush vegetation offer total enjoyment and are a real haven for relaxation. The highly developed tourist infrastructure offers a great selection of hotels, apartments and private accommodation, as well as a multitude of sports. Its rich historical and religious heritage with valuable exhibits is preserved in the museum of the monastery Sv. Marija Magdalena in Porto.

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06.08. Ajdovščina

Ajdovščina lies at the heart of the Vipava Valley. Through the centuries it has grown on the foundations of an ancient settlement to Roman Castra and on to become a modern city pleasant for its citizens and attractive for visitors. Among all the Slovene places descended from Roman cities, only Ajdovščina has preserved the almost completely unbroken wall with fourteen towers of Roman Castra. The city is also enriched by the cultural heritage of the painter and graphic artist Veno Pilon and the Baroque painter, locally born Anton Cebej.

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08.08. Neum

Neum is the only town to be situated along Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 20 km of coastline, therefore country’s only access to the Adriatic Sea. And the Adriatic is gorgeous here! The city is relatively new, built on the steep slopes of the Neum bay about 50 years ago. It’s focused on tourism, which is no surprise – the sea in the bay is wonderfully quiet, since the gulf is closed and protected by the Pelješac peninsula. Here you can enjoy scuba diving, parasailing, boat rentals and jet skis, right after that we recommend you some homgrown high-quality fish and shells in local restaurants.

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11.08. Radlje ob Dravi

Radlje ob Dravi is a kilometre and a half long town that was originally settled in the Antiquities. Today Radlje is the administrative, economic and industrial centre of the middle region of the Drava Valley. Villa Radela was first mentioned in documents in 1161 and as a marketplace in 1268. The most respectable age of the town is also supported by finds dating back to Roman times. Today, Radlje still retains its marketplace origins. A number of smaller neighbouring villages are also worthy of a visit, namely: Brezni vrh, Dobrava, Kozji vrh, Radelca and Remšnik. The Middle Ages appearance and feeling of the town were influenced by the Dominican monastery. Of particular interest in the area are the caves in the side of the Perkolica hill: Palijeva luknja (hole) and Huda luknja. Be sure to visit them if you can!

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13.08. Kranj

Kranj is a picturesque town situated on a rocky prominence between two alpine rivers – Sava and Kokra. It is situated on the junction of important routes, leading from Northern Europe to the Adriatic Sea and from Western towards Eastern Europe. The old town centre is rich with cultural-historical sights. Therefore, it has been protected as a cultural monument since 1983. Important Slovenians contributed to the development of Kranj with their lives and achievements, one of them being the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren. The outskirts of the town boast with a wide range of natural and cultural sights, attractive walking and cycling routes, and rich culinary offer. Kranj is the fourth biggest city in Slovenia and represents an important economic, cultural and sports centre of Gorenjska. It is a modern town with different faces, where the old is gently intertwined with the new; and where a harmony of images is achieved. Offering a cultural, historical, natural and technical heritage as well as pleasant atmosphere of a small town, Kranj is definitely worth a visit.

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