Maribor, 13. 8. 2017: Maribor – Štajerske vijolice too strong for competition

It was the first time that City Games stopped in Maribor to play games. In the middle of the nature in Maribor´s island nice event took place and five teams competed for victory. It was once again proved that experienced teams have advantage and there were only one very well experienced team in Maribor. Home team Štajerske vijolice, current vice champions of Slovenia and silver medalists in international final two years ago, just ruled the event. They achieved 52 points, while second and third placed teams Se vseeno from Duplek and Ptuj won 33 and 32 points.


Maribor managed to win in every single game out of six what is unique in this season of City Games. They showed great performance in flying water polo, achieving more than 300 points more than others. Actually they played every game so good that there were no proper team to beat them. Štajerske vijolice had standardly strong swimming team even strengthen with Olympic swimmer Martin Bau, which competed in Rio in 1500 freestyle. Martin was yesterday perfect in all swimming part of games on City Games.


But it was much more even for the silver. Duplek started well in flying water polo and tourist rescuing, taking second place, nevertheless, Ptuj was better in the next three games – treasure, prosciutto and water basket. The last game paddle was decisive and Duplek´s men were stronger.


We have to pride two other teams – Pesnica and Mariborski tekači (Maribor´s runners) which totally changed their usual sport but still gave their best, try until the very end and have lots of fun.


Mariborske vijolice entered the Slovenian final with this victory and will for sure try to win this year and go to Biograd na Moru, where international part of competition will take place.



1st place: MARIBOR, Štajerske vijolice – 52 points (red)

2nd place: DUPLEK, Se vseeno – 33 points (yellow)

3rd place: PTUJ, Ptuj – 32 points (blue)

4th place: PESNICA, Peklenski fantje – 9 points (dark blue)

5th place: MARIBOR, Mariborski tekači – 4 points (orange)


Photo: Jan Mastrović