AJDOVŠČINA, 15. 8. 2016: Spectacle in great audience in Ajdovščina

Ajdovščina hosted City Games again and again there were spectacular event in this beautiful Slovenian city. The organizers tried something new last night – the system of two teams, two different cities competing between each other. It was found really successful, especially thanks to the two very good teams, also. The home team Ajdovščina took the gold with 8 points, while Kranj, Kranjski orli achieved 7 for the silver.


We haven´t seen such a great spectators and atmosphere as was in the pool in Ajdovščina last time for a long period now. As the director of the organizers Miroslav Krzyk said, it was one of the best event this year in total. Even before we started, more than 1000 spectators was already warmed up and ready to support their team, but was also really fair and always supported the guest team from Kranj also.


They played seven different games – flying water polo, tourist rescuing, prosciutto, fisherman´s crates, water basket, barrel race and paddle. Even audience was this time managed to play two games – puzzle and donkey race.


Better start in the competition was made by Ajdovščina, winning first game with tight result – with 8 points difference in flying water polo. Kranj was faster in tourist rescuing, while Ajdovščina won next two – prosciutto and crates. Kranj then showed better performance in swimming and shooting into basket, while home team, consisted of very successful local athletes, was few seconds faster in paddling into the barrel.


The final game was paddle where Kranj was stronger, but still couldn´t overcome Ajdovščina. Ajdovščina with the win deserved the ticket for the final that will take place in Kranj this Friday.



1st place: AJDOVŠČINA, Ajdovščina – 8 points (yellow)

2nd place: KRANJ, Kranjski orli – 7 points (blue)


Photo: Jan Mastrović