Another team that will compete in the second semi-final on Saturday, 26. August, (with Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia) is Hungary. Hungary was already a part of City Games project, but still didn´t won a medal yet in the international final. Maybe this year´s team from University of Pecs will be manage to change that. In Hungary City Games didn´t hold qualification, that´s why team from Hungary will play for the first time in Biograd.

University of Pecs created very strong team for City Games. Like every other team, they mixed athletes from different sport and they hope they found a perfect combination. Women in the team are swimmer, dancer, handball player and athletic, while men are swimmers, handball, basketball and football players. Their leader is Jozsef Hari, a headmaster of sport in University of Pecs, which celebrates 650 anniversary of foundation this year.

He is aware that it would be hard to be competitive against other experienced teams, but they will not come to Biograd to give up without fight: ˝We have a team, made from professional athletes. We haven´t been in City Games before so we are not familiar with games, but we will have training before and will for sure do everything to go through to the final. For us this participation is something really special and we are really grateful for it.˝