Croatia, as host country, organize the most events there, so the winning team has the most competition of all of the participating countries to beat. For the first time team Ploče won the title of the Croatian champion and will be after competing many years on City Games for the first time a part of international semi-final.

Croatia has many titles of the best in the international finals, but didn´t won gold in recent years. Team Ploče will be one of the favorites in Biograd, especially because of the nature of their competitors – the games in the semi-final and final should suit for them. The men part of the team are rowers and are fully fit, due to their regular trainings. The women part are more familiar with a ball – they play handball in a local club. Croatia will play City Games on the first semi-final with Montenegro – current international champion, BIH and Italy.

Their captain was careful with announcement: ˝Our team played four Croatian finals and this year we really worked hard and it has obviously payed off. I really can´t tell about expectations in semi-final, due to excellent teams that will compete in it. I think our big experience will for sure help us and we will try to enter the final. ˝