Slovenia is regular feature on City Games and also this year´s representor is. Team Maribor is a part of our manifestation for many years and have many great results. Two years ago they were the second in international final and this is also the best result for Slovenia, which took silver couple of times, but still waiting for the prestige win. Slovenia will play second semi-final with Serbia, Hungary and Macedonia and will be one of the favorites for the final.

Maribor amusing introduce their team: ˝We are the lovers of sea, sun and sport. We are handful of people that is gratefully amusing of rescuing tourists, scoring goals with head, gasping for prosciutto and every other summer pranks, playing in the sea. All off this united us in an inseparable team. Spending many summers, playing City Games, brought us to the fact that we cannot imagine our summer time without Jadranko. From our first play of flying water polo has passed many years, but team hasn´t changed much. The captain of the team is always smiled Luka, boy that rescued more tourists than whole Slovenian coast guard. Her assistant and PR of the team is her sister Petra and when they are both on family lunch, the boss become another Luka. He is probably the best scorer in the history of flying water polo. The most precise one, when playing alka, are for sure Jernej and Nika. Playing water games, we cannot go without excellent swimmer, where mentioned one round up Žan Miha and the star of the team, Martin, which swam in Olympic Games in Rio last year. In the game wine we have to be good, while we come from wine region. And the girl to squeeze grape until last droplet is our beauty Nina. This year we won national title for the first time and after three second places in row we for sure deserved the Slovenian crown. We will see if we are manage to take the international one, too. The memory from two years ago, when we were second and lost the title tightly, is still very fresh. So we hope the luck will be on our side this year!˝